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  • The Perfect Disc Golf Box

    To those who are parents, and disc golf, have an advantage... Those Diaper boxes are the perfect sized boxes for holding discs! I have shopped at many stores and can never find the perfect storage bin for them. I did find one but could never find it again so there goes consistency. Having kids, these diaper boxes are the perfect box for everything. So I decided to sturdy them up with duct tape, colorful ones, so I know which box has what in it... Here are 2 of my boxes as an example...

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    And for those of us who shall remain childless or are long past baby stage as parents I recommend most any box that your last half-rack came in!'s what's for dinner!

    Team Deucebag


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      Storing large amounts of discs has always been a headache.

      My solution is to sell everything I'm not using!

      I have not purchased one of these but it looks like the real deal. Probably the perfect solution for dealers, mobile sellers (for the car or truck) and storing on shelves at home or a retail shop.

      Check out a few different vendors of I believe the same design:


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        My point was to recycle and create cool looking boxes for cheap...


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          I use rubbermaid #2222 containers. They are clear with clear lids and hold about 25 discs each. I bought about 50 of these locally but haven't seen them on the shelves for a while now.


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            I'm with you Steve, a few back-ups...thats all. I tend to wear them out rather than loose 'em.
            educate your thinking


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              Originally posted by JMan View Post
              I'm with you Steve, a few back-ups...thats all. I tend to wear them out rather than loose 'em.
              I tighten mine so they don't get loost.


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