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    Originally posted by Stephen.Sines View Post
    I like the spike over the XD because of their added bulk
    good putter.
    Yes, that would be nice. Goldline: Spike, Pure, and Sinus
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      after years putting the hard top KCP Aviars, i picked up a Magic
      pretty grippy, maybe Evo plastic?
      it putts great, a soft touch, forgiving of me hitting only a link
      with a profile a lot like my aviars
      It helped my inside 30' game
      "good ol' Roc, nothin' beats that!"


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        My main putter (spinning inside the circle): classic aviar

        Push putting up/down hills or any other basket position where missing would lead to a longer putt:

        SSS warlock, because it drops quick

        R-Pro Pig for wind and hyzer approach shots (fat and overstable)

        Champ aviar for driving

        As has been said previously: Putters and putting in general is a very personal thing and very much about positive mental vibes. If the putter feels good in your hand and you feel good about it, you will make more putts (as long as your not a total newbie). I've gone from mainly spinning to pushing and back to spinning, because that's what feels right for me. I know when I grab my Aviar, go through my affirmation (I say "Trust it" to myself), that I will crack chains.

        Most of us who have played a while will make putt after putt while practicing. But during a round, when you get that 15-20ft for birdie/par/bogie, you have to WANT to have the opportunity to make that shot. Good putters love putting. Since I putted like crap at the Calapooia Classic, I've got all the above mental advice from "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect", a book about the mental side of golf (made for ball golf, but EVERYTHING can be applied to disc golf as well). I'm now putting so much better, and even making longer ones. I highly recommend that book to anyone.
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          Nice! Dude asks for a putter recommendation, and you suggest a book! I love the Internetwebs!

          Seriously, I would also recommend that book. And I love the affirmation: "trust it." I often say to myself: "you know you can make it."
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