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  • what do you wear in the rain ?

    bring the umbrella or not..rain gear to bulky should i just plan on getting soaked and changing in between rounds what's your plan?

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    I keep my feet dry and my hands dry. Also, I use my umbrella to keep my bag/discs dry more than myself. I usually wear multiple layers of wicking material clothing so I dont lose to much mobility. And I carry plenty of towell's too!


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      Merrill Gortex Lined Shoes

      Foot-Joy Dryjoy Pants

      Sierra Designs Gortex Lined Rain Jacket

      and of course...

      And lots of towels...as previously stated.


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          A smile since the course is usually empty during rainy days.
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            goretex trail runners, gators, nothing cotton... lots of fleece or if it's a little warmer something wicking (i am totally in love with these nike dri-fit tops... they keep you warm, cool, dry, whatever you're looking for and i'm pretty sure they've got an spf, too)... carry an umbrella if it doesn't mess with the game...

            ... and i always bring an extra set of clothes for each round and the drive home...

            i don't believe in rain gear... also i grew up in oregon, so i don't mind playing in the rain...

            oh, and for my discs i rock a bunch of shamwows to soak off the bulk of the water and then some super cushy terry cloth towels to really get 'em dry (learned that from bruce murphy)... i find the gatorade towel that my sponsor stole off the blazer bench to be the finest towel i've ever dried a disc with...
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              Goretex shoes, gators, really whatever for pants, dri fit shirt or 2, I have a waterproof light weight vest and usually my floppy hat...
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