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  • Disc storage tips

    I have been storing my wall hangers in gallon ziplock bags for protection. I was wondering what others use to store their discs. Also do glow discs eventually lose their glow? And is there a way to keep the glow to last longer, such as keep them in complete darkness or something like that. Thanks for the info.

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    I have all my collectors in a vacuum sealed bag. Before I seal it, I take a silica gel pack and throw it in with the disc (these are those things that come in your shoes). I haven't had any wear issues on any disc I've treated this way. As for glow discs, I don't really have any glows discs to collect. I mainly just buy a couple and lose them throughout the year.
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      Here is what my husband and I did in our office. The units are purchased separately, and are pretty reasonably priced. We purchased ours at Fred Meyer, but I have seen them at Target & Walmart. Worked out awesome, and looks good too.

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        I found some awesome storage bins at Target. Exactly the right height/width for a disc (but not so tight that they rub against the side) and deep enough to hold 20-25 discs.

        If I had any that I really cared about I would probably use the freezer bag approach.


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