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  • Disc Golf Scorecards for iPhone - w/Free Promo Codes

    After using other Disc Golf iPhone apps, I thought I could make a better one that both looks good and works well too... so I did! And it works great for golf and mini-golf too.

    The app, Disc Golf Scorecards was recently released on the iTunes App Store. I've been using it a lot and I think you'll enjoy it too. It keeps scoring really simple and fast without lots of extra clutter. It supports up to 6 players per card, scores up to 27 holes, and you can save as many games as you want.

    Thanks for your support. Let me know if you enjoy it or see improvements I should make.

    At the moment it is available for $0.99

    Note: The images link to the app store and you may be asked if you want to open iTunes

    Download on the iTunes App Store

    Below are some Free Promo Codes to get it for free. Please reply with the code that you use, so others know it is no longer available. Also, if you can leave a review of the app in the store, that would be awesome!

    To use the codes, open the App Store on your iPhone/iPod Touch, Tap "Featured" on the bottom, scroll to the bottom of the page, Tap "Redeem" and enter the code.


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    I used the first one:




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      I used the second one



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        I used the last on,6R7RLEAEHJ34



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          I used the 2nd to last,

          Nice app! Thanks!
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            I used the third



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              Looks like a pretty good app, but it's funny that the course used in the example shots - Delaveaga actually has 28 holes -- 29, when they put hole 17 in play.

              After playing with it for a while, I'd say this is a handy app -- though I didn't find it quite as easy to use as "Golf Mate" which is primarily a ball-golf app, but I like it best of the scoring programs I use.

              Dustin, Here are some features I'd love to see added to your app (and if the feature already exists, but I missed it, please let me know):

              * The ability to edit time/date -- sometimes I want to enter a score from a round I played yesterday.
              * The ability to save courses -- Milo McIver's 27 hole layout has some part 5s, some par 4s and it would be a pain to set those each time I play.
              * More options than 18 or 27 holes -- I play a lot of 9 hole courses, a few 12, and like I mentioned above Dela is 28 holes most of the time.
              * Would be great to be able to mark penalties.
              * I'd love to include notes with my scores (optional, of course), but like on the scorecard at dgcoursereview.com
              * Would love to be able to upload my scorecard into a Database like discgolf.com or dgcoursereview.com or discgolfstats.com for comparison with other players
              * When uploading scores to Facebook - it would be cool to see a snapshot of the scorecard, like with some other dg scoring apps -- not just a line of text like the following "Milo McIver Mini Golf Scores: Matt: 95, and the Total Par was: 89"

              So in closing - I think this is a great start, but to make the "ultimate" disc golf scoring program I think the above features are a must.
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                I'll echo ellswrth's comments about the dgcoursereview.com template for a scorebook, I enter all my rounds there so that I can view hole averages and see ntoes on my rounds later. For me, I also really like to have an option for number of putts on each hole, that way I can see if my putting is progressing over time and on what courses my putting is letting me down on.
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                  Version 1.2 is Live

                  Thanks for the great feedback, don't worry, I'm definitely at work on this app and continuing to make improvements. I've heard several of the requests from ellswrth echoed, so I'll be doing my best to get them in sooner than later.

                  Version 1.2 was just released today and includes one of the most common requests, the ability to duplicate a game and copy pars/hole count/title from one game to another. It also includes the ability to double tap an empty par to set it to 3, and you can also double tap an empty score to set it to the par value for the hole. Score entry is now blazingly fast!

                  Keep the feedback coming, it really help me choose which features to implement next and it makes the app better for everyone.

                  Thanks for your support!
                  -d- Dustin Kirk


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