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  • Black Champion Plastic

    I have seen a few discs on the course and on websites that are pure black and are the newer champion plastic. What is the story on those discs? Are they are first run, special edition or is it just a regular color they produce.

    To me they look really cool, but I would never seriously consider throwing one on a course where it could get lost, which with a black disc seems like anywhere with shadows.

    Everywhere I look they are more expensive, so there must be something to it.
    What are your thoughts?

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    Black discs will teach you non-attachment.
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      Ice clear and black C.E. and Champion discs are not really significant in any way, they don't necessarily represent first run discs or anything else special about a particular model.

      I think both of these colors, or lack of, are intended to end up on a wall, not a fairway.

      Both are produced in smaller quantities because they wont sell as good as the bright colors do, this makes them "rarer".
      Anything rare usually commands a higher price, although, in the stores, black and clear are exactly the same price as all the other Champion discs

      There is a wide range of pigmentation in black Champion discs, from a light see through smoke color, all the way up to completely opaque discs that look like Star plastic.


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        Do certain discs have a signiture color?

        OK I thought I would slap this into the Black plastic thread, because it is about colors of plastic, but didn't feel like starting a new thread.

        Do discs have a signature color? I know that primary colors are sought after, because those are usually run first and the plastic sets better or something.

        For example I know I have seen a lot of "rare" Blue Valk's and now have seen Purple Apes being called Grape Apes, Day glo this, Smoke colored that... Are these just people trying to make up cool sounding names for normal colors? Or does Innova actually make up names for their colors? And are certain colors more rare than others in certain models?


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          There are colors that do stick out and represent something a little red was a main color for a lot of first run champion edition plastic. Other than that there is no color that would make that much of a difference when it flies through the air. Glow plastic sometimes seems to be a little more overstable and i have not quite figure out why, but that seems to be the common response from most golfers.

          I knew when the apes came out that the purple oneS would be called "grape apes"..........saw that one coming a mile away. When the usdgc rocs come out there were actual colors name a certain way to attract and become wanted............butter, candy apple green, purple galaxy, jet black, milk, cosmic blend, etc. Even the stamp has a time, oil slick, pure embossed, silver antique swirl, etc. Most everyone is going to want and pay more for a deep purple champion ontario roc with a green metalic little wing stamp versus an orange with a dark blue metallic stamp with a classic roc stamp because there was only 50 of the purple with the little wing stamp and 276 with the classic roc stamp. I am sure they fly exactly the same, but that is the nature of the beast. Why are certain stamps worth more than others?

          I think its best just not even trying to figure it all out.


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            Each stamp affects the disc in a unique way. That's why Cris B won't throw tournament stamps - they can't be duplicated. For example, I swear the Bad Monkey Open Z-Forces are way more straight than the average Z-Force.

            That's also why I greatly prefer tourney-stamped ESP FLX Buzzzes; the double stamping process makes them way more flat and stable!

            It's not BS, Dan, and I would think that of all players, YOU would know that!
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              Can not and will not argue that point......thanks for insight that i was not willing to see.

              I do have a first run blem champion katana with the two japanese warriors that are stamp kind of yin yang pattern (which i am currently looking for) and it does fly alot more understable than the regular first run champion katana with the samurai warrior that says first run on the sword blade. Same run.......same plastic just a different stamp and it does fly differently.

              Treelove is right.........i guess once you find a disc you love and need a new one.........get another with the same color, stamp and weight.


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