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    2 pro wraiths- 1 new 1 beat
    Flippy champ valk
    Beat Starwinder
    Star destroyer
    pro katana
    couple r-pro bosses 1 beat/not
    2 rocs 1 beat/not
    1 gator
    1 monster
    2 XD

    5 discs that keep the others from falling over in my bag.


    • #17
      175 Z Flick
      150 Z Flick for tailwind
      175 Firebird
      2 CFR Bosses for tomahawks
      175 MVP Ion Soft
      150 Soft Magnet
      175 Champ Shark
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        My discs are a bit "old school" and mostly base plastic.
        175 Omega SS
        175 Soft Ion
        198 DX Condor
        180 DX Glo Rancho Roc
        176 DX Rancho Roc
        174 Opto XXX
        177 TP Cyclone
        173 TP Glo Cyclone
        172 X Xpress
        174 DX Teebird
        167 M Orion LS
        172 M Orion LS
        168 Sirius Orion LS
        169 P DD
        164 R-pro Boss
        167 Pro Boss
        173 Champ Boss


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          Originally posted by NWDiscer View Post
          Glo CFR Destroyer 175 windy/hyzer

          1st run star stamp Destroyer LONG Str8/downwind

          WhippetX 175

          Roc's it is either an "02 USDGC" or if real windy a "04 Battle Roc"

          02 Classic Roc

          Putter's 1998 WB's Aviar and a "02 Stilly Rhyno" windy putts or forehand anny ups
          That's a nice looking minimalist setup. Question though. You use the Whippet for everything longer than a Roc and shorter than a Destroyer, or power down on your Destroyers, or what?


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            Originally posted by Eric Olson View Post
            That's a nice looking minimalist setup. Question though. You use the Whippet for everything longer than a Roc and shorter than a Destroyer, or power down on your Destroyers, or what?
            Whippet is mainly for longer Roc shots or real windy Roc shots. I just know that it is almost impossible for me to flip over on a full power rip.

            on occasion i will also have a Tbird or an Eagle in my bag, say if i need to have a bunch of str8/tight drives that i need a lot of control on in a round.
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              max d;
              175 pro destroyer - reliable fade/head wind
              174 star katana - straight
              172 pro katana - turning d

              174 z-pred - most used.
              175 dx eagle - new
              172 dx eagle - not so new.

              180 kc pro roc - new
              180 kc pro roc - not so new.
              177 flx drone

              ~172 flx challenger - upshots/long putts
              ~172 d challenger - main putter


              • #22
                I have too many molds
                172 Z Nuke
                175 FR Boss
                172 Force
                pearly 175 Orc
                pearly 165 Orc
                170 NS Orc
                170 CE Teebird
                175 11x glow Teebird
                175 11x KC Teebird
                175 beat up CE Firebird
                167 CE Firebird
                175 11x Firebird
                170 candy Pro Firebird
                172 Star Sidewinder
                150 ESP Flick
                178 Z Buzzz
                172 ESP Meteor
                175 CE Gator
                175 CE Spider
                old 175 Omega SS
                old 170 Omega SS


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                  Well I dont know if we are still putting whats in our bag.... but being new, my fiance and i have this:


                  Me : Roadrunner Champion 165g
                  Her: Roadrunner Champion 163g


                  Me: Wolf DX 150g
                  Her: Spider DX 163g


                  Me: Skeeter DX 167g
                  Her: Skeeter R-Pro 169g

                  and we carry it in a Jambag by CHing

                  Please let us know if we are on the right step


                  • #24
                    I think your on the right path playing this great game together as a couple. Pretty cool.


                    • #25
                      Well I think i might have too many discs but ehh can never be too prepared for any shot.

                      Yellow 168 10X KC Pro Banshee (Beat to all hell)
                      Yellow 174 10X KC Pro Banshee (Kinda beat)
                      Tye Dye 174 11X KC Pro Banshee (Still one stable disc)
                      Red 171ish 11X Champ Firebird (stable as the 11X Banshee)
                      Pink 172 11X Eagle-L (Just so nice)
                      Dark Red 172 Champ Xcaliber (Almost new)
                      Orange 175 Champ Destroyer (Beat to perfection)
                      Orange 172 Star Destroyer (Still kinda new)
                      Yellow 165 Z AvengerSS (Newish)
                      White 174 Flx Predator (Dirty and beat)

                      -Mid Range-
                      Orange 172 Star Gator (Beatish)
                      Orange 180 R-Pro Roc (Still stable as hell)
                      Yellow 177 Z Buzzz (Love it)
                      Blue 177 Esp Drone (Stupid stupid stable)
                      Red 173ish Pro-D Drone (Its a Flying Contradiction)
                      Orange 168ish Esp 2010 Discraft Proto (Been loving it since i got it)

                      White 172 Star Classic Roc (Oh dear Jesus! Amazing disc)
                      White 175 JK Pro Aviar-X (Good driving putter!)
                      White 174 Supergrip Omega AP (Basically a beadless Aviar in amazing plastic)
                      Blue 174 DX XD (Been putting like a mad man with this)

                      Tye Dye 170ish Z XL (Greatest backhand roller known to man and, some Apes)
                      Red 171ish Pro-Line DGA Rouge (Case i get anger and need to throw a disc very very hard in to a tree)
                      Blue 175 DX Cro (Dog Disc)
                      Red 168 Star Monster (Really fun to throw)

                      Think I have too many discs in my bag?
                      When you have no where to go....a roller is your friend.


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                        Originally posted by HolySraightFirebird View Post
                        Think I have too many discs in my bag?
                        Yes. I used to have the same problem, as my disc collection grew so did the number of molds that made it into my bag. Here is an article that helped me out quite a bit:

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                          Thanks for the tip. Probably will save my back when I get older.
                          When you have no where to go....a roller is your friend.


                          • #28
                            My bag has changed quite a bit since the last time this subject was about...

                            2 Eco Excal's (1 New, 1 slightly beat)
                            2 Eco Destroyers (1 New and super stable, 1 Straight to understable)
                            1 Champ Destroyer (Straight to hyzer)
                            1 Lat64 XXX (Super hyzer disc)
                            2 10x Eagle-X's (1 Straight to Hyzer 1 Straight to understable)
                            1 2nd run CE Eagle-l (Understable/Roller)
                            1 CE Eagle-X (Hyzer)
                            1 DX Ontario Roc (Understable)
                            1 DX Glow Roc (Straight to overstable)
                            1 Champ San Marino (Straightish...)
                            2 DX Beadless Avairs (1 New, 1 Heavily Tuned)
                            1 CE Whippet-x (Hyzer)
                            1 11x Whippet-x (Straight)
                            2 New KC Avairs (Approach disc, open upshots inside 320)


                            • #29
                              I have simplified my bag a lot lately. Here's what I'm throwing these days:

                              169 Champion Katana (Used/ Big S D/ 420+)
                              174 Champion Katana (New/ Straight Distance)
                              175 Star XCaliber (Used/ Headwind Distance/ Sidearm Distance)
                              175 EcoStar XCaliber (New/ See above)
                              174 11x Eagle-L (Used/ Straight Hyzer Flips/ <400)
                              175 Glow Eagle-L (New/ Straight/ Back up)
                              147 Champion Firebird (Used/ Everything)
                              177 Glow-z Buzzz (Used/ Hyzer drives, approaches <340/ Sidearm approaches)
                              176 FLX Buzzz (Used/ Straight drives, approaches <340)
                              175 Z Comet (New/ Turnover drives, approaches <320)
                              175 Z Meteor (Used/ Big Turnover drives, approaches )
                              175 Star Classic Roc (Used/ Hyzer/ Windy Upshots/ Hyzer Drives <270)
                              175 DX Classic Roc (Used/ Straight Drives <250/ Turnover drives <250/ Approach anything/ Love this disc)
                              175 BSF KC Pro Aviar (Used/ Putting)
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