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    ohhh snap, my 2 year old was watching tv with us while i was looking though this forum and in the middle of reading it, he starts grabbing my shirt and moving it around justttt like it moving around on that avatar, i was like what are you doing boy? *havent seen the avatar yet* Then he grabs his shirt with both hands and moves it around... pretty much like the avatar.. but it took me a minute to notice what he was doing, once i caught on, after he pointed it out ofc... so funny but oh so unappropriate ehhh...
    Anyways, Jerry has a few superlight weight discs that I have gotten from him for my 2 year old who is improving a lot thanks to Jeff trading me for a mini basket. My 2 year old has outgrown strollers and throwing hard for 18 holes now, use 128 nbr 2 upshot and 132g nbr 1 driver. I look forward to seeing us all caddy our sons around in huge junior divisions in a few years.


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