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    Wanna learn how to throw with variable wind conditions?

    Come to Crystal. You'll likely find a little bit of everything, all in one round. At least today we did. Never really stopped the entire day.

    I find a Gator helpful but they don't go very far.


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      Dee, I can't wait to make it up to Crystal for some mountain golf! Any chance of the lift running on a weekday? Not sure I'm ready for the hike to the top like my friends did last week...

      I really like the Gator as well, but when you want it to go a bit further, throw a Whippet; and when you want your Whippet to go further, throw a CFR Max. All 3 great headwinds discs.
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        Can't go wrong with a good firebird or excalibur.


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          Originally posted by TreeLove View Post
          Are you suggesting that the Star Destroyer is not a good headwind disc for lefties throwing backhand? Why, direction of the earth's rotation or something ?
          Exactly !

          If you do the calculations using advanced quantum physics it works out that the Wraith is the better disc for left handed backhand throwers, like myself, into a headwind.

          Destroyer does make a perfectly good lefthand forehand disc though, the space time vortex permits that.

          I do prefer a heavy Xcal for forehand upwind drives.
          I know its not going far, but at least its gonna go in the right direction.

          For crosswinds, I still feel that if you have a choice, throw a shot where the wind is pushing the disc from behind as its fading for maximum distance.

          In other words, for a righthand backhand thrower, a right to left wind will be more helpful than a left to right wind is, a LH player would throw a forehand shot here, so the disc finishes going right.


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            I'm sure you meant to note that this was, of course, for the Northern Hemisphere.
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