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    It seems that putting style has a lot to do with putter stiffnesss preference. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    Push putters tend to like stiffer plastics. With the way that the thumb does 70 percent of the gripping, a soft top plate will cause a lot more wobbly nose down style shots. A harder plastic will stop that. Since there is very little spin in a push putt, the stiffness also helps push the chains apart so the disc drops in.

    On the opposite spectrum of putting, spin putters need the tacky, soft plastics to slow down the spin ratio on their putts. The soft flight plate doesn't effect the putt so much as spin putts are thrown with more grip on the rim then the top. The plastic is what makes those single link hit and in throws possible.

    Now that I've thoroughly explained the theory behind this I can talk bout my preferences. Pro-D is my putting plastic. Focus's and Ringer's are my putters. Gripline Spikes are my upshot and driving putters and I keep a Soft Challenger for the occasion of having to sidearm putt.
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