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    I have this black carhart jacket that is lightweight and waterproof. It breathes and I can wear something underneath it if it really cold out. It cuts the wind and the hood can be removed for the non rainy days that are still windy and cold. I find it to be the perfect combination of jacket and raingear. Another option would be to find some hunting jackets, they are lightweight and most are waterproof but still breathable. I have used my carhart jacket for five years now and it is still going strong. I think I paid $100 for it


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      I am always wearing a jacket that I got from the Nike outlet store. It's really thin, but water just beads off of it. I usually wear that with a long sleeve shirt underneath. That, along with an umbrella should be fine.
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        Ok here's a real answer, I've gone through my share of columbia and northface jackets and even the ones that say no water is ever supposed to go through, the oregon pounding rain defeats them at one point or another. So, I get water repellent spray and spray my clothes 24 hours before I know I will need the best protection I can get. It works for a couple outings then gotta do it again. The only jackets I have ever seen actually work forever are those thick rain jackets that have no breathe-ability.


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          Where is the good deal on the water repellent spray?
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            Buy this jacket:

            Buy this baselayer:

            Watch the strokes dissapear in the cold, wet, and windy weather.


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              Originally posted by bryan_luoma View Post
              Watch the strokes dissapear
              Not to mention the money.
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                the best jacket i've ever had was my marmot precip (as mentioned by someone earlier in this thread) you must have the pit zips... never tried rain pants... can't deal with the zuszhing when you walk... i just wear shorts and knee socks and waterproof footgear, keeps me pretty dang dry... and of course stay away from cotton for any of your layers on a rainy day... especially your pantalones... i have a pair of golf pants that i spent waaaay too much money on that wick and dry pretty well... mostly, tho, it's fleece all the way and always bring spare clothes to change into... and not letting your pants drag on the ground so's they don't wick the moisture upwards...

                hey, smo, you should maybe check the weather report for this weekend again, dude... last i checked it didn't look quite so drenchtacular...

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                  Cool I just checked again.

                  Apr 10 Saturday
                  More clouds than sun. Highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s.
                  Apr 11 Sunday
                  Few showers. Highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s.

                  In other words; in Oregon in the spring: Partial sunshine with a 99% chance of being mostly Shi**y throughout the day.

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                    oh come on, at least it changes every 15 minutes....


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                      No hot deals on that spray that doesn't last?
                      The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
                      ...but it plays one on TV.


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                        Lol Adam... and you too Bob... and even snap, bringing it with the real answer.

                        Has anyone used that 'wash in' waterproofing stuff? The 'camp dry' (non-aerosol) spray that I have doesn't seem to be the best water repellent ever made, at least not for my (these are supposed to be waterproof but never are)goretex New Balance trail hikers... snap, you should let us know what you're using so we can eliminate that one from the quality product list as well.

                        I bought some waterproof hiking pants from REI but have yet to use them for disc golf... they're just not as comfortable as nylon, which don't ever seem to get very wet, especially when using an umbrella.

                        Also, I believe Red 5 meant to say, "Accept the rain to ease the pain on your brain."
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                          Originally posted by smobro View Post
                          I am totally frustrated by my search fro the perfect gear for playing in the rain. Here is my dilemma:

                          I have great rain pants, shoes and umbrella. I can't seem to find the right combination of base upper layer for wicking away perspiration, light layer for heat containment and rain jacket that will allow for mosture escape while not allowing external moisture in. All of this and excellent freedom of movement is what I am trying to find.

                          Has anyone found the right combination to keep them warm and dry on a rainy, chilly day in the Northwest?

                          REI suggests that the only way to do it, is to spend about $350 on their Event Jacket, Mountain Hardwear synthetic base layer, and Mountain Hardwear wool, cotton blend overlayer.

                          Hoping for a better answer than that.


                          Whiskey for naked! You stay warm and don't get bogged down with wet clothing.

                          When you're done you just throw on some dry clothes and there you go.

                          Always glad to help out my Bro Smo!



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                            There ya go, Bob, do what the original inhabitants did, go naked, barefoot, and coat your body with salmon oil. A woven spruce root hat is optional. But don't be like those Boston men they called, "stinky people," who only washed their faces and hands, but be sure to bathe in a clean creek twice a day.
                            The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
                            ...but it plays one on TV.


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                              i have a columbia shell, it works great, but water will get through after hours of rain, but a single layer of spray on waterproofing does the trick for a day or two...


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                                The concept of breathable waterproof rain gear is a farce. I don't care what a company says about their fancy fabric. You can go with the greatest weather gear available and it will be waterproof but it will not be breathable. I used to have some gear for sailing that I never got wet in but I would sweat if the temp climbed about 60 with minimal activity.
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