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  • Lat 64 Riot

    So I bought my first Lat 64 disc the other day (all the others I had were given as loaners or lucky finds with no numbers or names). Decided on the Riot as the lip rim and width felt similar to the Crush I had just lost.

    First impressions:
    This disc screams out of the hand if you throw it right. Its rating according to the Lat 64 website is a moderate 1.5 which I find hard to believe. My Crush was rated at 1.8 and seemed actually less overstable then this disc. First couple of throws with it were done with differing levels of hyzer to see how radical it would fly. Any hyzer immediately made my disc scream left with no hesitation. Flat and hard throws had a very stable and fast flight at about ten feet off the ground for about 340-385 with a hard left fade at the end. Which when this thing does fade out it skips hard. Sidearm flicks however are amazing with it. I've been driving about 300-320 sidearm with it and it's always got a very predictable helix flight. Haven't got the arm to throw them flat like I do back hand but I will one day. Good distance from overhands too but seems to flip very very slow. Needs a lot of air on overhands to make it work. Does not like getting lots of air underneath the flight plate though for backhands or sidearms. That just makes the disc fade out fast. Low shots are the bread and butter.

    Anybody else out there throw one? How does my first impressions compare to yours? Hows the Opto hold up against abuse cause I love the feel but it seems like a few well placed tree shots will chip the crap out of it. I'm definitely interested in buying another once I see how it flies beat.
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    I found the rim conducive to early release. The plastic was great until my car got hot.


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      From what I've heard and seen, Opto plastic is as tough as anything being produced these days. I have a Striker that's almost a year old now, and it shows very little wear.
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        An Opto Riot is the only lat64 I've thrown actually. For me it's always seemed like a destroyer with a little more stability. Now that my Eco destroyer is pretty beat up I don't throw my riot backhand much anymore.

        I however love it for sidearm. It stands up nicely and the slightly rounded rim is smooth on the side of my finger on release.
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