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  • Too many choices

    A guy on the course said something the other day that got me thinking. He said he felt like Innova had too many choices and has since switched over exclusively to Prodigy. I've heard mixed reviews of Prodigy and I can't say I agree with him that prodigy makes things simpler but the idea remains.

    Is there a company that offers a simple disc selection solution with less choices than Innova? It is supported by research (that I'm too lazy to track down) that people tend to be less satisfied with a decision wherein they chose from a vast selection of options versus a decision between more narrow choices.

    What I'm thinking would be a company that would come out and say "buy this putter, this stable mid, this understable fairway and this overstable fairway. When you need faster, check out our two or three "distance" drivers." I know MVP, Prodigy and Discmania comes pretty close to this idea.

    Alternatively, I guess I could come up with a similar list built with Innova's tried and true discs. "Pick up a DX aviar PNA, a couple DX rocs, a pro leopard and a champ banshee. When appropriate, add a couple *insert popular innova neutral distance driver here*.
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    I have the same dilemma when I go to 31 Flavors. I love me some peanut butter cup, but sometimes I just want butter pecan.

    I think its important to have options, because you never know what you might need down the road..

    I throw primarily Innova, but for no other reason that it is what I know best.

    One thing I would recommend is looking at your bag in terms of discs you need for certain distances and stability... Note : The ranges vary person to person, but you get the point.

    For example:
    Putters: 0 - 150 ft,
    Mids: 150 - 300 ft
    Fairway Drivers: 275 - 400
    Distance Drivers: 375 - 500

    If you have 2 - 3 (Understable, Stable, Overstable) discs for each of those distance ranges you should have just about everything covered. I'm trying to pare my bag down to this layout, but I am still holding on for dear life to a few specialty discs I carry around.

    My bag:
    (2) Aviars
    (4) Rocs
    (3) Teebirds
    (4) Destroyers

    And the stragglers... 2 Sidewinders, a Spider, a Monster, a XL

    "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


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      What about your trusty Gator Jeff?


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        Yeah, I knew I was forgetting one.

        When it absolutely, positively must never turn over. Throw a Gator.
        "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


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          So I throw almost exclusively Latitude 64, with a few Gateway putters and one mid. It is a much narrower range of options, currently. But I suspect with time and if you count all 3 (Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside) the options can become much larger. My current bag is about 18 discs, <1> less then Hagerty :

          2 - SSS Warlocks (Gateway)
          1 - Evo Warlock (Gateway)
          1 - Evo Demon (Gateway) (Nothing close on market except Drone or Gator)
          1 - Recycled Spike (L64)
          1 - SP Sinus (L64)
          1 - GL Mace (L64)
          1 - GL Fuse (L64)
          1 - GL Halo (L64)
          1 - GL Villian (L64)
          3 - GL Flow (L64) (1 - Stable, 1 - Straight some turn, 1 - Roller or big turnover)
          2 - GL Striker (L64) (1 - Stable, 1 - Straight some turn)
          1 - GL Saint (L64)
          2 - Trident (Opto/GL) (L64)
          PDGA# 49616
          Stumptown# 353
          OTDG: Young Guns - SAT


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            Yeah at the end of the day, there is likely too much incentive for the companies to drum up excitement for the next big thing. "Announcing the Atlas" for example. I feel like a streamlined solution would definitely fill a niche though.

            EDIT: full disclosure, here's my bag. I clearly prefer filling roles with discs from varied companies.

            soft wizard
            org wizard (I want to pick up a SS or a SSS to replace this one)
            champ rhyno

            pro D buzzz (brand new, needs breaking in)
            FLX buzzz

            beat up DX teebird
            pristine DX teebird
            champ banshee

            champ sidewinder
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              I carry 3 in my car just in case.

              Warlock S, Striker GL, Mace.

              My best round ever at Leverich was -8 with a star Rhyno, in the light rain and a T-shirt for a towel. I have played that course 30 times since and no where near that score. I really only need a stable putter, towel, and a smile to play well. The rest of my bag is just distractions.
              PDGA# 49616
              Stumptown# 353
              OTDG: Young Guns - SAT


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                Every time I go to really reduce my bag size I just can't get rid of a couple discs.
                2xChamp rhyno
                3x Buzz
                Star Destroyer
                Glo leapard
                Champ Teebird
                Champ Katana

                I'd be all for someone showing me other discs to replace these but those top 4 aren't leaving my bag any time soon. Since my shoulder injury I'm also throwing a lot more sidearm and a lot less tomahawk so that's scary for me.
                FORE! Youth 2011


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