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    Originally posted by Eric Olson
    Toying with the idea of replacing the Star Roc with a Gator. Would be nice to have a midrange that won't turn into a headwind, ever, and will always finish hard left.
    Eric - have you tried a Q or Sirius Sentinel? They feel just like a roc, but a lot more stable. They are great in the wind.


    • #17
      175 Old School Grid Aviar
      171 10x KC Pro Aviar
      172-174 Cryztal Challenger

      172 Pro Line Gremlin
      176-178 Cryztal Buzzz
      175 1st Run Champion Gator ( $$$ Disc!!! )

      175 Pro Line Leopard
      175 Pro Line Beast
      174 4x JK Pro Valk
      175 CFR Glo T Teebird
      175 4th Run CE Firebird
      175 CFR Glo F Firebird
      172 First Run Star Destroyer
      175 First Run Star Xcaliber
      175 AK State Championships Champion Destroyer
      175 Star Wraith ( beat in for 2 years )
      175 Special Blend Orc ( beat in for 2 years )

      Just had to retire my Champion Gator since I hit a $215 ace with it on 08/24/08. That was two years to the day after the first ace with it!!!
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      • #18
        1 174 Z-Xtreme (first run, old school, stable as balls)
        2 172 Star TeeRexes
        2 star destroyer (1 @168, 1@175)
        2 Star Wraiths (1@164, 1@174)
        1 175 star teebird
        1 162 Star TL
        1 161 Star sidewinder
        1 175 star leopard

        1 167 Whittler
        2 Wizards
        1 Warlock

        1 179 star roc (2006)
        1 180 KC 10x roc
        1 180 KC 11x roc
        1 177 Meteor

        It doesn't feel like 19 discs, because the Whittler is so big that a Wizard fits inside of it.
        Ruining everyone else's fun since 1998.


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          Eric, try a shockwave in place of that gator and or roc, you won't be disappointed.


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            Sooo, Sentinels and Shockwaves. Care to meet up for a round one of these days and let me try your Shockwave Micah?


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              Originally posted by Rick da Corte
              What kind of bag do you use Sam?
              Carolina by Revolution. It's stuffed to the gills.
              ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
              ~Annika SŲrenstam


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                So here's what's in my bag at the moment even though I'm not playing right now.

                162 X avenger
                164 X Avenger
                166 X Avenger
                3 173 ESP Pulses
                3 174 Z XLs, one's new one's fairly beat and one's very beat
                2 174 Z Extreme's this is easily my favorite disc, I have such a variety of trick shots I can pull of with it.
                2 175 Z Buzzes
                2 173 ESP Supercolor Buzzes
                3 175 D Soft Magnets, for everything 200' and in. Such a solid putter.

                So all in all it's only 6 molds, I prefer to gain variety through weight and beat variation rather that having to learn new molds with different feel.

                It's been all Discraft for 18 months and I'm loving it.
                Go D-craft.
                PDGA: #32726 rating: 930 StumptownDG: #31, Trojan Nation: Tag# 06
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                • #23
                  173 Sparkle Z Force
                  168 Sparkle Z Force
                  168 Proline Rogue
                  169 X Predator
                  168 Pro D Challenger
                  170ish CryZtal Z Challenger
                  173 Pro D Buzzz
                  170ish CryZtal Z Buzzz
                  174 Soft Magnet

                  All in a new Revolution Mini Deluxe with 32 oz. of water, towels, cliff bar or two, mini, oh and lots of advil and other assorted remedies for sore, stiff old muscles.
                  educate your thinking


                  • #24
                    How do you like the sparkle forces? Are they the only current non esp forces available? What discs that you have thrown would you compare them to?


                    • #25
                      Micah, looks like another Discraft/DGA convert. I waited for the Z Force as I really don't like ESP. Do I like them, oh baby, oh baby oh. You know me Micah, I threw Crushes, that was until July when I put in the Z Force and the DGA/Discraft Rogue (have that in Proline and Sparkle too). Now I find myself with an ample supply of X Crush back stock. At 168 it is controllable with a sweet late fade. At 173 it 'S' turns. And in Z plastic they break in to a point and stay sweet until ... well July and August so far.
                      educate your thinking


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                        Don't know the weights but most of them are around 172.

                        DX Innova Starfire
                        Pro Innova Destroyer
                        Pro Innova Firebird
                        DX Ching Bomb
                        DX Innova Eagle
                        Z Discraft Surge
                        CFR Innova Firebird
                        2x DX Innova classic Rocs
                        DX Innova Cro
                        Star Innova Cro
                        "Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person. Love is an attitude, an ordination of character which determines the relatedness of the person to the whole world as a whole, not toward one object of love.Ē


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                          This is what I put in what I call "tournament rotation"

                          Depending on the actual "needs" for a course, between 15-18 will end up in the bag. those noted with * STAY in the bag.


                          *2 - indentical DX Black Aviar Putters - 175g


                          *DX 1st Run Gator - 175g - new
                          *OLD DX Stingray - 180g - tuned
                          *Glow Rancho Roc - 180g - new
                          Glow Rancho Roc - 180g - tuned
                          *NEW San Marino Roc - 180 - new
                          OLD San Marino Roc - 180 - beat
                          *OLD San Marino Roc - 180 - tuned
                          *DX Ontario Roc - 180 - tuned


                          Original DX Whippet - 175g - new
                          *Champ Orc - 175g - new
                          *Champ Orc - 175g - beat
                          1st Run Star Destroyer - 175g - beat
                          *1st Run Champ Destroyer - 175g - tuned
                          *Champ Destroyer - 175g - new
                          Star T-Rex - 175g - new
                          *Star T-Rex X - 175g - tuned
                          *1st Run Star XCaliber - 175g - new
                          *Champ Firebird - 175g - tuned


                          • #28
                            2 JK Aviar putters (I think I'll try KCs next summer)
                            1 Champ Gator (old mold... must have for sidearm up shots)
                            1 DX San Marino Roc
                            1 Star Ontario Roc (just trying this one)
                            1 FLX Buzzz
                            1 Omega SS

                            1 Orc
                            3 Destroyers
                            1 Teebird
                            1 Beat beat beat Wraith
                            1 Eagle
                            1 Firebird
                            1 CE FL
                            1 Star Starfire (on Nate's recommendation great for side arm stable finish)

                            This year was definitely about cutting the bag back... if you don't throw any speed 8 discs I would suggest that you try to find one that works for you... they are much more consistant and handle wind much better... If you bag goes from wraith/destroyer down to firebird/monster/roc you are missing out on a lot of great discs!


                            • #29
                              in my bag

                              175 champ firebird
                              175 pro line monster
                              172 pro line beast
                              166 orion lf
                              162 ce eagle
                              180 star roc
                              176 xwasp
                              175 pro line spider
                              175 ce classic roc
                              178 crystal buzz
                              178 xstorm
                              175 crystal challenger
                              175 3 time jk pro avair
                              PDGA # 31451
                              2 Mini Aces
                              75 Aces
                              PEOPLE WHO HELP ME LOTS IN DISC GOLF
                              DISC GOLF OR DIE
                              BOB CABAL
                              JEFF ELLIOT
                              JORDAN LEWIS
                              JEFF HAGERTY
                              JAMES GARCELON
                              SAM GIBSON

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                              • #30
                                Currently I am using

                                1 175 Eco-Star Xcaliber
                                1 175 Champion Destroyer
                                1 175 Star Destoyer
                                1 169 Star Destoyer
                                1 150 DX Destoyer
                                1 171 Champion Orc
                                1 161 Champion Orc
                                1 169 Champion Monarch
                                1 167 Star Sidewinder
                                1 171 Champion Banshee
                                1 164 KC Pro Gazelle
                                1 173 Champion Whippett
                                1 171 Star Cro
                                1 171 Pro Pig
                                1 176 Star Stingray
                                1 175 DX XD
                                1 175 Star XD
                                "You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crockett


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