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    Hey everybody! Just wanted to let everyone know about an additional thing that will be going on at the Fort Steilacoom Open on July 4th. We will be set up between rounds on Saturday with a whole hootenanny of Discraft discs for anyone to feel free and throw to see what they are like. I know a bunch of folks are always wondering how certain Discraft discs throw so here is your big chance.

    It doesn't matter if you are in the tourney or not, just come on out and test out some discs you have always wondered about. We will be giving away prizes for throwers so it may even payoff for ya'! Also, both I and rookie Discraft team member Dion (Ron the Whipping Boy) Arlyn will be there to answer any questions about the discs and help you find what you may be looking for.

    We look forward to seeing you there and hope you come over to our area to have some fun tossing the discs that the number one ranked player in the World (that's Nate Doss don'tcha know) throws.

    See you there!
    Scott Papa
    Team Discraft
    Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine

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    Cool deal, Scott. Are you going to have the new models, the Ringer and Stalker there? BTW, kudos to Discraft for making the ESP Cyclone. I got my hands on one recently, though I haven't gotten to throw it a whole lot quite yet, it feels to be a great fit for my fairway driver slot, replacing my Gazelles. A fairway driver in a durable plastic that flies like it should...it's what I've been after for a while, and none too soon, now that Innova's calling it quits on the Gazelle. +1 to Discraft, -2 to Innova.
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      I just got a Stalker in the mail the other day. Haven't had a chance to throw it yet, but I am hoping to this afternoon. I am hoping it is a longer Buzzz, or a slightly shorter Avenger SS (there are a number of holes I can't quite reach with a Buzzz, but overthrow with my Avenger SS). Hopefully this does the trick.

      I am jealous I won't be able to make it up there for this. Any chance this will be done down here sometime soon? (hint, hint)
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        Cool!! i will definately be there! Playing!

        what is the latest scoop on the new driver from discraft that has a groove like innovas Groove???? i have seen pictures of it and have talked to a guy that saw some for sale at a festival, but have never seen or heard any news about it from discraft.
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          Hey gang,

          Just got off the phone with the factory and I have some awesome news. Not only will I have both the Stalker and the Ringer available for test, it looks as though I will also have the hot off the press first run available for purchase! I will say that the Stalker is a cool disc and great for that controlled drive that is just too long for your mid (whcih I know just has to be the Buzzz).

          Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun!

          As for the Groove-like disc.....it is still in full test mode and no imminent release has been set.....

          Scott Papa
          Team Discraft
          Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine


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