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  • Innova Monarch

    Its been out for nearly a year now.
    Is this just a fad disc for you, that now takes up wall space, or have you found a place for it in your bag ?

    I'm curious what other people think it does better than any of thier other discs,if anything, and in what weight do you find it to be most effective for your use ?

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    It's a good turnover disc for someone with at least 350' of power. For the rest of us, it's probably too much disc... although the weights do go down to 155g.
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      I was carrying two of these, and now I am back down to one of them. I personally find that this has replaced my Road Runner, though it will never replace my Avenger SSes. I don't find this to be a fad at all, really. The Groove seems to be more the fad disc than the Monarch does, but your mileage may vary.

      I would guess by your post that you weren't too impressed with the disc in general? For me, it works for throwing on a course where topography comes into play on some level (Skyline is the best example).

      Curious your thoughts...

      For the record, the one kept in my bag weighs in at 175g. I had a lighter one in the bag, but I kept flipping that one too much...
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        Originally posted by zippyboy View Post

        I would guess by your post that you weren't too impressed with the disc in general?
        When I first got it, I was disappointed.
        I thought it would be a faster Beast, but it never flew as far as any of my Beasts, so I shelved it.

        A month ago I read that it would hold an anheizer line better than other models, so I went and did some field tests. The one thing I was lacking in my bag is a reliable disc to hold a line up and behind my back. I can turn over just about any lightweight disc and get it to go behind me, but its an unpredictable shot that I cant aim with any reliability
        I included some formidable opponents in an array of weights for my testing.
        After numerous trials, I found it did indeed carry a nice clean line in a graceful hook, with a short finish, perfect for the shot I was looking for.

        The more I use it now, the more I see how formidable it is.

        The jury is still out on the Boss.


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          I have been carrying a Monarch for some time now and am really liking it. I just picked up one of the Star TFR Monarchs and it is long and very straight when realeased with a little hyzer. When released flat it has a little fade and then comes back a bit. I have a 172 champion one that holds a better anhyzer line.


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            I did not like the champ monarch at all. I now have a 170g star that works great on hole 11 and 12 at terrace. With the right line and a little hyzer I can park 11.


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              I got a Champ for Xmas and have made it my go-to annie driver.
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                I have a Champ one as well, and it is my go-to annie driver. I know it will hold onto that line for quite some time, then have a really gentle fade at the end of the flight. I'm throwing one that's 167g, and I recently dyed it with a menacing The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Personally, I love it.

                I agree with you zip--I think a lot of people are "loving" the Groove right now just because it is the latest, fastest thing from Innova. That being said, I like it because it flies just like my old Valkyrie, but much further; I just won't say it is the greatest thing since the consciousness of coitus. It's another fast driver that has a fairly good fade to it. I love the Monarch because it showed Innova doing something they don't do too much (a fast driver that's understable). The Groove is nice, but it is a lot like many of their other offerings--I like it, but it's nothing new.
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                  I really dont see the purpose of the disc other than a backhand roller that will glide out there a ways before touching down.

                  Ive tried the monach a lot since it came out and my verdict is that the beast is still the best control/turn over disc innova makes.

                  I also feel that the groove under the disc works better with a wider rim like on the Groove.


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                    Monarch rim groove?

                    I just picked up a champion monarch and it has a groove like "The Groove." I thought only the Groove had this kind of rim so I figured I'd ask if this normal or did I get a mis-stamped disc?


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                      The Monarch was the FIRST disc to have the groove.
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                        Good to know, Thanks


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                          I've had a 171 Champ Monarch in my bag for well over a year now and I love it. Just got an ace with it yesterday (hole 9 at Highbridge; 225' w/ the basket perched on the side of a hill 40' above the tee). Now I guess it will go on the wall since I should get my TFR Star Monarch in the mail tomorrow.

                          Here's what I've noticed about the disc:

                          First of all, great disc for windy conditions. No air bouncing.

                          I have about 350' of power and I find the Monarch to be just a bit more stable than a Sidewinder (but less stable than a Beast), with a much slower fade at the end. It can hold a nice long anhyzer, but it can't take too much angle or it will just keep going and never come back. I can push it out to 350+ with a hyzer-flip, but it also serves well as a fairway driver; with a flat release and not a lot of power it will fly nice and straight.
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