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    Originally posted by RonTheWhip View Post
    They are on deck

    The ESP Buzzz I think has the best grip, plus the new one in the bag is STABLE. Most Z Buzzz I''ve thrown have turn on them right out of the gate, I like the stable ones more.

    I've heard domey Crystal Buzzz are stable, any truth to that?
    I throw a 168g Z Buzzz for those nice turnover shots that turn laterrr or can make it come earlier... and for those tight shots where you just have to go strong straight for 125-200 ft and almost zero fade...
    Tried the meteor, blah, the Z Buzzz will do it all and more than the metoer..
    176g ESP FLX buzzz which is stable but it will go straight or even turn if thrown hard and flat, perfect for hole 5 dexter long straight.
    Crystal Buzzz is the most overstable of the bunch. I compare it to a 180g KC pro Roc but with a tad more fade at the end.
    Had a pro D buzzz for a short time, bleh to that...


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      Personally I dug the Meteor. But then I switched to a Comet, and found it worked better for me. Then I accidently stumbled upon the Buzzz SS. Best straight midrange I have ever thrown. Only problem is that its Cryztal Clear, and I worry about losing it at the Mud or Trojan.

      A number of people have mentioned the Avenger. Were any of those the Avenger SS? Just curious. Again, I have found this to be the most reliable of any driver I carry. And now having it in Z plastic...

      As for my bag:

      Six Avenger SS's (174g ESP, 172g FLX, 174g Z, 174g FLX, 169g ESP, 166g FLX - all in various levels of "beaten in")
      Champion Monarch 175g
      Champion Boss 175g
      Champion TeeRex 175g (not a TeeRex-x)
      Champion Destroyer 175g
      DX TeeRex 150g
      FLX Buzzz 174g
      CryZtal Buzzz 174g
      Crystal FLX Buzzz SS 176g
      FLX Drone 175g
      Organic Wizard 175g

      And then there is the #1 Slice (160g) and #2 Hyzer (175g) for Trojan. Only 8 total molds, not including the Trojan discs. Apparently I have moved on from the 20+ molds I used to carry.... Maybe that's why my back hurts less
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        if you're into the whole brevity thing-

        a circle stamp gator, nobody fuxwizdah gatah'.
        a gummy pro rhyno and a gummier PolarBear
        a StarMax, ChampOrc, and StarDestoyer, those 5 172-175g
        A Roadrunner for rolling and flipping, 165.
        That, and a pair of testicles.

        I'm unemployed,
        Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. - The Dude, 1998.


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          Update: I have played 4 rounds since triming down the amount of differnt types of Discs and I love it. It has made disc selection so much easier. If you were interested:
          Old Bag:
          1 destroyer
          1 force
          1 Surge
          1 groove
          1 wraith
          1 rouge
          1 monarch
          1 Avenger ss
          1 buzz
          1 glide
          1 storm (I wish they still made these...send me a PM if you have one to sell)
          1 wasp
          1 spider
          1 roc
          1 avair
          1 birdie

          2 destroyers
          2 Surges
          2 Rouges
          2 Avenger SS
          1 Groove(I think I will always have one disc that will rotate as new stuff comes out)
          2 buzzzzzz
          1 wasp
          2 storms
          1 glide
          avair PNA and a Birdie


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            My bag right now:

            169 DX Destroyer
            165 S Illusion
            172 Z SurgeSS
            172 Power Genesis
            161 Star SL
            171 Star Monarch
            162 Star Sidewinder
            169 Champ Sidewinder
            166 Pro-D AvengerSS
            171 Opto Vision
            175 Star Stingray
            178 Buzzz-D
            175 Z BuzzzSS
            160 Woodchuck
            170 SRP Rock-It
            175 SSS Warlock
            165 DX XD
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              Its taken me years to understand the differences in flight characteristics between different discs.
              Its true you can force a meager selection of discs to do things you need, but, its like a pro ball golfer playing with 2 clubs.

              When you have discs that line up like 14 golf clubs, the game gets easier, and way more fun.

              I try to tailor my bag to the course or courses I'm going to be playing that day, taking only the discs I need, some specifically for certain holes.
              I try to remember when I consistently park a shot with a particular disc, so I can repeat it easily.

              I do have my " meat and potatoes" discs that I can always rely on if I'm on an unfamiliar course, and I also carry a " trouble" disc for bad lies, which I find myself in alot.

              I usually try to include one " test" disc when I play, there are very few shots I dont have an answer for in my bag, but its always good to see if a new disc can do something better than one I already have.
              Right now I'm enjoying testing a lightweight Star Boss. This disc does seem to be a great driver for big headwind hyzers, it carrys a mile.

              Lugging a 60 pound brick around a course, full of everything I have in the closet, sucks the life outta me fast, if I'm gonna make it through 54 holes in a day, I need to be lean and mean, so I only carry what I need.

              Having light and heavy discs allows you play the wind better.
              Its good to have a cheap, expendable disc for risky shots.

              Hey, if you can cruise through a tough golf course with just a Roc, then thats all you need.

              I need a few more to at least try to keep up, without ripping my arm out of the socket.
              I usually end up with around 12 discs, which I refer to as " The Dirty Dozen"


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                I just went through a bag pruning due to back issues - slinging 20 discs, a few beers, and a liter of water on and off your back for 18 holes is almost as bad as throwing.

                My rounds have been about the same, notwithstanding some serious issues with left hand shots, but, the arsenal as it stands:

                Champion Boss
                Champion X-Caliber
                Champion Wraith (the only dead weight least in drivers)
                Glow Champion Sidewinder (let me know if you want to trade one of these, I have rocs...lots of sweet, luscious rocs...)
                Glow Champion Orc
                Champion Orc, beyond beat - hammer/thumber/get out of jail free card...
                Super Roc - (changes, depending on my mood and the season I' have a bunch that all do the same wonderful thing)
                Star Ontario Roc
                Champion Ontario Roc
                R-Pro Dart (getting kicked off the team tonight - too many trips to the pipe rather than the basket. Will be replaced by a DX Ontario Roc)

                So, 10 discs, but oddly, I played the West 9 at Rooster tonight with just the glow orc and super roc and got the same score I did with the whole bag...just sayin'


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                  Geeze you guys carry a lot of plastic!

                  Star Destroyer (1)
                  CE or glow CFR Teebird (1+ spare)
                  CE Leopard (1+ spare)
                  DX Roc (2)
                  DX Ontario Roc (1)
                  KC Roc (1)
                  Star Monster (my get of jail / huge skip disc)
                  DX Beast (super beat up, use it maybe once every 4-5 rounds)
                  X putter (1)

                  99% of the time I'll throw the Teebird and Roc. On occaision I'll use the Leopard and in a wide open hole I'll use the Destroyer (Teebird is much more consistent). The rest of the discs are backups or used very rarely for special situations. NOTE: I rarely throw big forehands so discs for that kind of throw are not represented (Teebird or Rocs are used for <250ft forehands).


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                    Originally posted by RonTheWhip View Post
                    I think paring down my bag has been one of the greater benefits to swtiching to Dcraft. In my initial attempts of trying everything I found a lot of solid molds, I've settled into a good rotation right now and have less than 20 discs on me during tourneys. In years past of carried around 25 in the bag at all times...yikes.

                    ESP Force (2)
                    ESP Pulse
                    ESP Surge
                    Z Surge
                    FLX Avenger
                    Z Avenger
                    Z Predator
                    ESP Predator
                    Sparkle Rogue
                    ESP Meteor
                    ESP Buzzz
                    ESP Buzzz
                    ESP Zone
                    Z Xtreme
                    D Challenger
                    Soft Magnet

                    17 discs. 12 molds. Each disc sees lots of action
                    Huh, I guess I tend to switch things a lot, since I don't even carry an Avenger in the bag anymore. Here is what I carried for the Fling:

                    Pro D Challenger (2)
                    ESP Buzzz (2)
                    ESP Meteor
                    ESP Zone
                    ESP Nebula (2008 Ace Race)

                    ESP Predator
                    Z Predator
                    Z Reaper
                    Sparkle Rogue
                    Z XL
                    ESP Force (2)
                    Z Surge (2)
                    ESP Pulse

                    I already have a few other discs on the fringe that I'm experimenting with. XS, Xpress, APX...

                    Here is what I actually threw during the Masters Cup (28 holes):

                    ROUND 1
                    PREDATOR ESP
                    BUZZZ Green
                    BUZZZ Green
                    PREDATOR Z
                    PREDATOR ESP
                    PREDATOR ESP
                    PREDATOR Z
                    PREDATOR Z
                    PREDATOR ESP
                    BUZZZ Green
                    PREDATOR Z

                    Only a handful of diferent molds over a 28 hole course.
                    Team DISCRAFT
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                    Gorilla Boy
                    Paragon Disc Golf


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                      4x Rocs (1 Flattop for straight to hyzer shots, 1 DX Ontario Glow for straight to turnover shots, 1 VERY beat KC Pro for rolling and the turnovers that don't come back and 1 back-up KC Pro that is more stable)
                      Champion Gator
                      Champion Monster
                      Pro-Line Monster
                      3x Star Destroyer (1 max weight that is stable, 1 172g that is flippier and 1 169g that is flippier still)
                      2x Star Max (1 beat and 1 newer)
                      2x KC Pro Gazelle (1 beat and 1 newer)
                      2x Star Wraith (Both beat but 1 is slightly newer)
                      Champion Wraith
                      3x Champion Boss (Yeah... don't know what is going on here... they are just so pretty to look at...)
                      Champion Leopard
                      Champion Sidewinder
                      Champion TeeBird

                      Champion Monster will be coming out of the bag soon. Pro-Line is the best disc ever made. Everything else stays.
                      ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
                      ~Annika SŲrenstam


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                        In my bag right now:

                        2x pro d destroyers (168-169)
                        1 Star Wraith (max weight)
                        1 Champ t-bird (167)
                        1 Z Buzzz (Max)
                        1 X Buzz (170)
                        1 2 soft x challengers
                        2 soft magnets

                        I carry a big mid range package because that is all the game I got. Hell, I rely on my mid game to save me 99% of the time.

                        Probably will take out the wraith. Really don't throw it much.


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                          At BSF and watching the lead card i notice that Ken Climo didnt really have many discs in his bag. it looked like he had 5 roc's on one side of his bag and about 6 drivers on the other side with a couple putters.
                          that really drove the point home for me that a person doesnt need a huge bag full of discs to be a good player.

                          here is what i carry and actually throw(i have a couple in my bag strictly for practice purposes that i dont throw in tournaments.)

                          1-esp Force
                          1-esp Pulse
                          2- rogues 1 stable, 1 understable
                          1- Z Avenger
                          1- esp Avenger SS
                          1- Z Reaper
                          1- Champion T-bird
                          1- Z Wasp
                          1- esp buzzz
                          1- Z buzzz
                          3- Crossfire putters.
                          Team HOSER:dancing:
                          Team OLY:cheerleader:
                          Team Meteor

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                            Good thing you didn't look at Feldberg's bag... I'm not sure if anything else could fit in that revo backpack!


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                              Originally posted by Greg_R View Post
                              Good thing you didn't look at Feldberg's bag... I'm not sure if anything else could fit in that revo backpack!
                              Yeah thats for sure!! At the CSI tournament earlier this year i was following his group around and there was a time that he was looking for a certain disc. he would pull out a green disc then put it back, and then pull the next green disc out and put it back. it took him about 6 tries before he found the disc he was looking for! I was amused at the thought of him having so many discs that he cant find the exact one he wants! His caddy was telling how heavy his bag is and i had a chance to feel that thing, it weighs around 20-25 pounds!! i am happy to say that my bag max's out at 18 discs, which i dont even carry. and it is super light!
                              Team HOSER:dancing:
                              Team OLY:cheerleader:
                              Team Meteor

                              "Oh man, my burps are giving me whiplash"


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                                Distance Drivers
                                169 First Run Star Destroyer
                                169 Star Destroyer
                                171 CFR 06 Mid-Nationals Wraith
                                171 Champion Sidewinder

                                Fairway Drivers
                                172 CFR GLOW Eagle X
                                175 Champion Leopard

                                Mid Range
                                180 CFR Champion GLOW Roc
                                177 11x KC Pro Roc
                                180 DX Cobra

                                175 R-Pro Aviar
                                175 5X JK Pro Aviar
                                175 4X JK Pro Aviar

                                12 discs
                                Proud member #20 of STUMPTOWN Disc Golf and the PDGA #30488
                                Damn The Weak Side!!!!!!


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