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  • what is comparable to an xd?

    I'm was a big fan of the xd but they wear out to quickly. Any opionions on a disc that is similar to the innova xd?

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    classic roc
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      Originally posted by black mamba View Post
      I'm was a big fan of the xd but they wear out to quickly. Any opionions on a disc that is similar to the innova xd?
      There is of course NOTHING ELSE like dxXD, but it does take awhile to break
      them in properly.. just toss 6 of them into a concrete mixer, put
      in the quickcrete, (NO WATER!), switch it on and they'll be ready in time for the BSF.

      and yeah, ClassicRocs are real close, and they work right out of the box.
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        Great avatar, Dude.
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          I love me an XD. DX, of course. The crap they pitched as a Star XD was complete B.S.

          Ok, on to the question at hand...

          I have tried numerous putters, just to see if there was anything I liked as well as I did my trusty XD. Finally, after many months of searching, I found one thing that I like as well - an Organic Wizard, by Gateway. There is something about the feel of the plastic and the shape of the rim that just works for me, really well. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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            One putter to bind them all? Ain't going to happen.

            I carry three types and would carry more if I was strong (like Lowell). Putters are situational discs. While the Rattler is my inside straight shooter, it can't take the higher speeds of longer putts. The JuJu throws much like the Rattler but outside its shorter range. The JuJu too has its limits, going understable when stretched too far, and then I shift to my Four Times JK Aviar -X. If I were to add one more putter, to use at even a more distant range, it would be a softer Pro Rhino, but now were pushing well into mid range. While these are my preferences, based on my form, I just can't imagine trying to do all ranges of putts with any one putter.

            For me, an XD, especially within ten meters, fades so hard left that I have to concern myself with two arcs and three axes and the trajectory becomes too uncertain. I like finding the disc that goes straight at the chains for the longest part of the flight and the fade is the least part of the equation.

            What someone said about changing types of putters (in another XD discussion) making you more conscious makes sense too.

            BTW, I agree that putting with a Classic Roc is like using an XD, but I wouldn't choose either for my putting style. Consult the Zipster on the subject of your own particular mileage.

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              Try the Spike from Latitude 64. I threw XDs for 3 years and switched after picking one up on a whim. Shallow rim, sweet grip pads on the top and flys extremely true with a touch of turn at high speeds. Plus the "grip" plastic is some gummy. When I miss a putt, the disc just dies next to the basket, almost no rollaways. Anyone who likes an xd will should probably check them out. Marshall Street Disc Golf has the best prices at 10 bucks a pop. Plus the "Core" midrange is a better Cobra. Really.
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                New Discraft Ringer is very similar in feel and flight quality. Perhaps its more similar to the Classic Roc, which is a beaded XD.
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                  Look at this, Star XD


                  Support the tourney and buy one!


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