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    "The lighter Star Bosses were more stable than some of the original Champion Bosses. The Champion is now more stable than the original too. I think the heavier Star Bosses are a little less stable than either." Dave D from Innova

    That was the first quote I stumbled upon in my brief search, I know he said it more than once.


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      Picked up a new 167 gram Star Boss yesterday.
      I like the feel of the new plastic, its comfortable in my hand.
      I can only throw these high speed discs forehand.

      I am comparing it to my Star Destroyer, and my Elite Z Flick, which are my two main forehand discs.

      The Star Boss flies straighter than the Destroyer, and needs less room to work with, although I havent thrown it as far, yet.

      My Flick flies straighter, like dead straight, but doesnt have as much glide as the Boss.

      I'm glad to finally have a new disc I find interesting, it will stay in the bag for now.

      I am disappointed in the Monarch, which doesnt seem to do anything well for me, and the Xcaliber didnt come in lighter weights when I got mine, so its hard for me to generate enough spin with it.

      I am hoping that Innova will make some Xcalibers in the new star light plastic, so they can get the weight down to something I might be able to throw.

      The Boss, like the Xcaliber is nearly silent in flight, with no flutter, so I dont recommend it for crowded parks, where a stray drive could possibly hurt somebody.


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        Originally posted by captain jack View Post
        Thats interesting, but it defies the laws of physics.
        Heavier weights are always more stable.
        Maybe you could pull up that quote from Dave.

        Unless you maybe read this and misinterpreted it.
        I'm not sure if the physics of disc manufacturing and flight are understood well enough yet to make such bold statements. A smaller mass of hot plastic coming out of the same mold will flex differently (from a max weight mass of hot plastic) as it cools, which could cause minor changes in flight characteristics.
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          I bought a set of the ill-fated Innova backpack straps from Jerry and he said they sucked and the seams would rip and such. I got them anyhow thinking that I am very careful with my stuff. I hurt my shoulder just after that and barely even used them .. maybe 20 times and they were ripping everywhere. So I sent an email to Innova about my dissatisfaction, they responded VERY promptly and said they already replaced the vendor and that they would send me a new set + a disc. I listed a couple discs that would work great and let them know I was very appreciative of their prompt service and willingness to own up to a defect.

          The very next day they sent me a new set AND a star Boss 168 and a ROC .. I had mentioned special blend(hehe) but they sent a DX.

          The Star boss is awesome. If you get the right anhyzer on it, it just seems to go forever. It is VERY overstable though. Even with a mean anhyzer and a decent amount of wrist it still come back with a vengence. Man it feels good though.

          As far as compared to a destroyer .. I seem to flip destroyers often so I stopped using them. I just never got the distance out of them that I got out of my Wraith so why keep it in the bag.


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