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  • Clear coat on a disc

    I recently removed the stamp from a champion leopard and drew on it with a sharpie for my wife.

    I was thinking about adding a clearcoat over the top to protect the design for a little longer but I understand this will make it tournament illegal. She and I are ok with this but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on whether or not this would SIGNIFICANTLY alter the flightpath of the disc.

    If I end up doing it it would just be a single spray coat of rustoleum crystal clear gloss enamel. Not real thick.

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    I'd be most concerned about the grip.


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      I would not be personally inclined to try and seal coat a disc, But if I was..

      I would mask the neighboring areas off, with tape/combo with Glad press N seal/whatever to have clean borders. If I could get a clean circular border around the image it'd be best. Plus keep it out of the grip locations This is in knowing that the surface added will lead to altered dirt collection/staining pattern so the borders will become visible pretty quickly with use - so make it look intentional vs random or sloppy.

      Good thinking that Spray coat is better than brush coating for thickness. Would a lacquer work, or be thinner? If the sealer is stiff, and the disc is not, will it lead to crackling and delamination?

      Seal coating a disc is an adventurous thing to try. I imagine it could take someone trying it several times on several discs before they got a process down they liked. And even then you will find out by trial and error if it is a deal breaker on flight/grip/appearance/etc. Plus the delamination effect due to differentials in stiffness and flexibility.

      Flightpath questions: did removing the foil stamp alter the flightpath? likely not. In the same way a little additive may not alter it either.
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        I read on a thead here on this site one time that some people were putting a damp towel over the sharpie ink then using a hot iron on it to set the ink into the plastic. I would look on the ink dying threads for more info. Some of those guys are awesome with this stuff and should be more help.
        Good luck.


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