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  • MVP Discs?

    I've been getting a lot better over the years and my budget for lost discs is starting to make a tiny pile. I've been thinking about getting into some MVP plastic to see if they can find their way into my bag. Unfortunately my budget isn't limitless and every time I've branched out of my comfort zone with brands the discs end up in my "trunk disc" pile.

    Is MVP really worth it's weight in gold?

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    They're good discs & well made. What are you considering? Putter, mid, driver?


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      Most likely a couple drivers and a couple mids. Really interested in wear-and-tear, how much time to break in, true to advertised flight pattern, etc.


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        Here's my take on MVP

        Their putters will fly a very long way but aren't the greatest putting putters ever made. I really like the Ion for crushing on but that's about it.

        A lot of people are fan boys of the Axis but I just don't see the reason why. It's not anything special. The Vector is a pretty good overstable like mid that will fly a long way straight before fading out (if you can impart the right amount of spin)

        The drivers are fun to throw but from what I've seen, are pretty inconsistent (the least consistent of any discs in their line up). Volts are good solid straight discs with the Amp being pretty nice for a turnover.

        The wear seems to be a little bit slower then other discs and I think this is because of the plastic that sits around the outside. It doesn't really seem to ding that bad. Also, lighter weights seem to be as stable as heavier weight comparison like discs (a 171 Ion is as overstable as a 175 Wizard). I don't have a huge amount of experience with them but from what I've thrown and read on DGCR, this seems to be the consensus.
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          I agree with what the General says about durability, there are many dg'ers swear by (not at ) the volt, amp, & shock (2nd run) as reliable drivers. Personally, I do better with the Escape, Underworld.

          DGCR has a general thread on MVP and individual threads on each disc.

          Mike C (as thediscgolfvids) has a number of vids on youtube covering each MVP disc.

          A lot of people like the MVP drivers & mids because of their shallow rim. But that's a matter of personal preference. Also, the outer mold seems to work better (the "gyroscopic action") if you can get more spin on the disc. From what I can tell, these two aspects are the biggest determinate of whether you're an MVP fan or not. And they look pretty techy.

          It seems like the new Tangent is replacing the Axis as the stable (straight) mid in the MVP lineup. I don't agree; but then I have an ace with the Axis, so I'm biased.


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            Watch out for concrete as it likes to eat the rubber overmolding.
            I currently throw the Volt for dead straight fairway shots, and the glow Axis is for shots I dont want to loose my Z Buzzz. The glow plastic is super cool as only the outer edege glows, so it looks like a flying ring! The plastic used for the flight plate ( the middle part ) is very uv light reactive. This makes it super visable when playing glow golf.
            I have carried the glow Axis sence it came on the market, so 2 years and the wear is minimal.
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