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  • need info on frisbee

    I received a discraft flash esp whit a big buzz ghost stamp on front of it. Wondering if andone had any info on disc looked all over nt cant find anything about it

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    not exactly sure what sort of info you are looking for regarding that disc, but i guess the discraft website would be the best place to start. it will show all the characteristics of the "flash" and a brief description. there is also a thread called "your favorite disc golf tool" over in the DG equipment section that has links to a few websights that compare discs side by side so you can see what a flash is like.

    any disc is a great present! hope this helps.
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      Thanks more wondering about the big buzz ghost stamp in to of Frisbee


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        Typical of discraft to put random stamps on discs. It could also be a misprint or a team disc. Notice a lot of team discraft with random, double and misprinted disc.
        Might make it worth a few more bucks to the right person.


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