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  • Any baskets for sell under $150.00

    Met a gentleman over the weekend that plays disc. He told me that he is for looking to buy a basket and donate to a gentleman on the Oregon coast as the first basket of a small private course... the basket may be the first basket for the course but it is also in rememberance of a person that passed away not to long ago that played disc. He was wondering if he could buy a basket that he could sink into the ground for around $150.00. So anyone out there that may have a lead or old basket (not portable) please contact me. I believe he is needing the basket within the next couple of weeks if possible.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Madrid

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    Maybe DGOD still has some of those Lunchtime baskets for sale...?

    Any other basket that is strong enough to live outside is going to cost more than $150, I am afraid, even in used condition, unless maybe it's really old...?

    Originally posted by Kevin Madrid View Post
    ...anyone out there that may have a lead or old basket...
    Ummm, those lead baskets are REALLY heavy...
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      toxic putts

      Can we label the lead baskets out there so I know which 70'+ putts not to kiss my putter? Good luck on your quest for a noble gesture.


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        This guy sells baskets for around $150
        Nihilists! F@#$ me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.


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