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  • Spring Cleaning!

    Spring cleaning time! Found all plastic in the closet, come and get it! I live in Portland can meet at Pier or Leverich...All prices negotiable...Trade list below!

    Discraft Z Buzzz - Orange with Purple Foil Stamp - 171g - 8/10 - Stiff, Rigid and Flat. Thrown 12-15 times. Rim Ink.

    Discraft Z Hornet - Orange with White Stamp - 177g - 8/10 - Early run Hornet, gummier Opaque Z Plastic. Thrown less than 20 times. Ink.

    Discmania S-Line(Equivalent of Innova Star) DD Hysteria - Blue with Silver Stamp - 175g - 9/10 - Super Domey! For those who don't know the DD Hysteria is Discmania's slightly more stable Version of the Wraith or Surge. ONLY FIELD THROWN. NO INK PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW!

    Discmania P-Line PD2 Chaos - Orange with Purple Foil Stamp - 175g - 8/10 - Super gummy run of P-Line plastic (Equivalent to Innova's Pro) - Thrown less than 10 times - Rim Ink.

    **I Want**
    Discmania PD's - P-Line, S-Line or C-Line - 170-175g
    Discmania DD2's - S-Line or C-Line - Any weight
    Discmania TD's - S-Line or C-Line - 173g-175g

    Discraft Buzzz's - ESP or Z - 175g+
    Discraft Comets - ESP or Z - 174g+
    Discraft Stalkers - Z - 173g+
    Discraft Predators - ESP or Z - 169+
    Discraft Surges - ESP or Z - Any weight

    Gateway Wizards - Soft, Medium, and HPP - Firm Wizards only, No floppy putters, unless it's HPP - 172g+

    Innova Destroyers - Star or Blizzard - Any weight.
    Innova Wraiths - Star or Champ - 170-175

    $$$ - $10 a disc.

    I'm crazy negotiable so make me an offer I can't refuse! Willing to do 2 for 1's, Deals on more than one disc etc. Last time I posted they didn't last long! Hit me up and let's do business! I can meet at Pier or Lev!
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    Fuse is GONE! Traded it for a super tasty HPP Wiz.

    Lots of great plastic left. $10 is just a jumping off point I'll get stupid cheap if you buy 2 or more.

    Help buy me some Ti!


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      I have ESP and Z Comets available. Can I see a picture of that Hornet? That first run Z stuff that is opaque is AMAZING.
      "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
      Cleveland Brown


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        Hornet Pic!


        I'd def be interested in a Comet, the heavier the better, bonus points for Orange or Blue.

        Added a couple Latitude 64 Flows up top as well!
        Last edited by himynameismatt; April 2nd, 2012, 10:34 PM.


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          4 discs left!

          Z Hornet
          Z Buzzz
          Discmania DD
          Discmania PD2

          Will let these last 4 discs go for $25. Less than $7 a disc for essentially brand new premium plastic. Won't find a better deal anywhere =)


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