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  • Getting out sale! Innova & DC! 23 Discs, 3 Markers, Innova Competition Bag w/ Straps

    Whats going on everyone? I just got into Disc Golf in August and have only played a few times (About 5-7 times) and it shows as my disc are all almost in brand new condition. I bought them all with the intention to get into it a lot more but have other things I need to focus on right now, so I am getting out and selling all my gear!

    I would like to sell everything as a bundle if I can to make things easier. This is an amazing setup for someone looking to expand their collection or someone getting into and want to try everything out.

    If you have any questions please feel free to text me @ 503-277-9993. I am located in Beaverton and will be bringing the Disc with me to work in case someone wants to come and check them out. My name is on most of them in sharpie but on the inner lip or next to it as pictured.


    I am looking for $200 for everything (Pretty firm on price as that breaks down to $7.14 per item) SMOKING DEAL!!

    Innova Ken Climo Star Wraith 12x WC (Marked 172g Scales 174g)
    Innova Champion Ape (Marked 170g Scales 172g)
    Innova Star Vulcan (Marked 175g Scales 175g)
    Innova Star Archon 1st Run (Marked 171g Scales 173g)
    Innova Star Archon (Marked 168g Scales 171g)
    Innova Pro Beast (Marked 172g Scales 174g)
    Innova Champion Sidewinder DYED (Marked 167g Scales 167g)
    Innova Star Sidewinder (Marked 172g Scales 174g)
    Innova Star FL (Marked 172g Scales 172g)
    Innova Star Boss (Marked 171g Scales 173g)
    Innova Glow CFR Champion Katana 2011 PDGA PRO WORLDS (Marked 175g Scales 175g)
    Innova Champion Roadrunner NO LOGO (NOT MARKED Scales 164g)
    Innova DX Valkerie (Marked 175g Scales 174g)
    Discraft Z Tracker (Marked 173-174g Scales 173g)
    Discraft Z Surge (Marked 173-174g Scales 174g)

    Fairway Drivers/Mid Range
    Innova DX Classic ROC (Marked 175g Scales 175g)
    Innova DX Eagle (Marked 170g Scales 172g)
    Innova San Marino Star ROC (Marked 175g Scales 177g)
    Innova DX Gazelle (Marked 172g Scales 171g)
    Innova Glow CFR Champion Mako (Marked 176g Scales 177g)
    Discraft Z Comet “The Jam” Special (NOT MARKED Scales 166g)

    Innova Star Wedge (Marked 175g Scales 174g)
    Innova XD (Marked 175g Scales 175g)

    Innova Champion Mini 1st Run Aviar Putter
    Innova Mini Driver
    Innova Glow Mid Range

    Innova Competition Bag w/ Innova BackSaver Backpack Straps (Missing front pocket and Innova Logo has been blacked out with a sharpie)

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    Come and get em! Few texts replied. Nothing solid so the collection is still on the chopping blocks. I dont expect them to last long at this great of a deal.


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      PM sent.
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        PMs replied. If you're trying to make money off me then you might wanna look somewhere else. This is a really good deal for what you're getting so the low ball offers that are out of hand will be ignored.