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  • Great lot of NEW and USED discs for sale; please look!

    Here is what is left.
    No shipping, local pickup from a Portland area DG course only.
    If you want to see a picture of a particular disc ,
    just pm me your cell number and I will text you a picture.
    Questions are welcome.

    My condition ratings:
    5 = new, unthrown
    4 = insignificant nicks or scratches
    3 = minor issues that will not effect flight
    2 = well used, condition WILL effect flight--but still very throw-able
    1 = pretty thrashed; only for a collection, beginner, over water shots, or a dog?

    Make, Model, Plastic, Color, Labelled Weight, Condition, ink or noteworthy stamp (if any)
    In, destroyer, ch, bright light blue, 175, 3
    In, groove, ch, bright light blue, 167, 5
    In, groove, ch, bright light blue, 170, 5, silver 1st run stamp
    In, sidewinder, ch, bright light blue, 168, 5, rainbow '10 ORDGC stamp

    In, sidewinder, st, dark blue, 168, 5, silver '08 calapooia classic stamp
    In, starfire, st, light PINK, 175, 3, ink on inside of rim

    In, cheetah, KC pro, dirty white, 170, 2, 9x red stamp
    In, no-bead aviar, r-pro, dark blue, 153, 4, rainbow '09 clash on columbia stamp

    In, eagle, DX, salmon orange, 171, 1

    Dc, flash, z, cyan blue, 173, 4, silver 1st run stamp
    Dc, buzzz, z, dark blue, 177, 4

    Dc, focus, pro-d, light blue, 170 to 172, 2, gold '10 bad monkey open stamp

    Gw, scout, e, dark blue, 178, 5
    Gw, scout, e, dark blue, 178, 5
    Gw, scout, e, dark blue, 180, 5

    Millennium, orion LS, pro, light blue, 174, 3
    Millennium, orion LS, pro, light green/blue, 169, 4

    Quest, rock-it, purplish blue, 172, 4, small JM initials below weight
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      Nihilists! F@#$ me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.


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        Prices really would make this more tempting. PM sent, though.
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          as you wish

          Prices sent to pm's!


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            for what's left,

            Prices sent to PMs are getting even lower....


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