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  • a little something for everyone...!

    Prefer to sell these but trade offers are welcome. Make offers if you don't like the price, I will sell as low as what I paid plus shipping if thats the offer. IF THERES NO PICTURE, CLICK ON THE WEIGHT (linked) and you'll get a picture.

    today's wants
    -Pre-Barry Leopards 170-175--special consideration for pearly
    -Pro-line Leopards 170-175
    -Candy Pro Leopards 170-175
    -CE Whippets/Gators
    -CE Leopards/Teebirds (T&TL)
    -CE Firebirds (x-mold please unless first run)
    -E-series Glo VooDoo 175g
    -CFR glo discs of whats in my bag (don't need leopards, firebirds or teebirds)
    -Friggin sweet rocs (stocked on Kenny 4x's now)

    -180g 2010 USDGC "thunderbird" Roc+, double stamped, 10/10, $35

    -180g 2007 USDGC "cannon" Rancho Roc, double stamp, on champ plastic, the official discs were printed in star plastic only, 10/10--$40--gone to moose.
    -178g 2008 USDGC "Skeet" Spectator RanchoRoc, Orange Champ plastic, 8/10 ink, only 36made in this color/stamp combo.--$45
    -180g 2009 USDGC "Oracle" San Marino Roc, 8/10, Great thrower!--$30

    -175g 2-ring San Marino Big Bird Roc—7/10—very faded stamp--$18

    -169g Ontario Big Bird Roc—7/10—nicer stamp--$18

    -172g San Marino Big Bird Roc—6/10—Beat!--$12

    177g Stable Mid-Range Roc—8/10—Heavy ink--$13

    Just Two Collectables

    176g FR Protostar “Metal head” Viper—Blue sparkle stamp, very flat across top (after shoulder)--$25
    175g tourney stamped 9x KC Pro Firebird—9/10--$28


    171g First Run Ching Power Genesis--9/10--$6--pended.
    174g Orange Elite X Wildcat--9/10--$6
    175g CFR Champ Cro—9/10—agent_peebody dye--$18
    174g Goldline (colorshift) Havoc—10/10--$19
    173g Westside VIP Boatman—10/10--$19

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