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  • Some Midranges for sale all new & a Firebird & Kc Cheetah

    Below are discs I am selling and shipping is included. I will not be able to send you pictures until I get home from work or wake up depending on time of day, but if you want pics please please send me your email address. I just looked around and came up with these prices based off other threads and offers I have been receiving. thanks

    CE QMS's

    Blue 179g with gold and green stamp 2001 opaque $35
    Dayglo 168g with gold and red stamp 2001 opaque $25
    Dayglo 169g with green and rainbow stamp 2001 opaque $25
    Orange 180g with green and gold stamp 2001 opaque $38
    Salmon 178g with red and silver stamp 2001 opaque $36

    White 180g with gold and oil slick blurple stamp 2001 opaque $42
    Yellow 168g with blue and red stamp 2002 clear $25
    Yellow 170g with green and rainbow stamp clear $25
    Yellow 172g with red and blue stamp clear $26

    Bar Stamped Buzzz's (buzzz tooling)

    164-167g I have purple with white stamps $28 each
    168-170g I have blue and pinkish red or pink $31.50
    171-172g I have pink and pinkish red $33
    173-175g I have pink and redish pink $35
    176-179g I have orange and pink or pinkish red $38
    Pro Line Discs

    Pro Line Gremlin 164g nude color $30
    Pro Line Spider 175g pearly white with blue stamp $40

    Kc Cheetah and 11x Firebird

    11x Kc Pro Cheetah opaque red with white stamp 172g $32
    11x KC Pro Cheetah white with blue green burst dye from factory 167g $30
    11x Champion Firebird flat and red with silver stamp 176g $30
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