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  • Bar Stamp Buzzz, Glo Tbird+, CFR Katana, ProLine Spider, Comet, Crush, GL Flow.

    Here is my Sale/Trade list. All prices are shipped, unless it’s one of the discs that is less than $10. They ship for free with something else, but it will be an extra $1 if bought alone. Shipping to lower 48 only. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


    DD Z/FLX Drone, Challenger, Buzzz, and Wasp (in that order- no clear discs please)
    P-PD 175G (need at least 2, flat preferred)
    S-PD 175G, First Run
    CFR/ 11x KC Pro Gazelle


    Pics- Keep in mind that all pics taken on a black surface will make the color of the disc a little darker. If you want detailed pics of any part of a disc, I’ll be happy to oblige as fast as I can.

    List should be in order of pics; left to right, top down.

    Comet, Elite X, White w/swirl dye, 7/10, 173, ink. $7

    Stalker, ESP, Black PDGA membership disc, 7.5/10, 164, no ink. $11

    Rogue, Sparkle Z, Blue, 9/10, 174, no ink. $11

    Surge, ESP, Orange 2X Nate Doss, 8/10, 174, no ink. $11

    Crush, Elite Z, Yellow, 6/10, 170, no ink. $5

    Flash, Elite Z, Yellow w/some staining from spending time outdoors, 170, no ink. 6/10 $5

    Comet, Elite Z, Yellow, 9/10, 179 no ink. $12

    Flow, Gold Line, Blue, 7.5/10, ink on inner rim and super faded ink on underside of deck, Gorgeous! $12

    Comet, Elite Z, Blue, New, marked 170, weighs 172, no ink. $12

    Spirit, E-Line, Peachy/skin tone, 175, New $11

    Teebird +, Glow Champ, 175, New/no ink. $12

    Force, ESP, Bright Pink, 167, 8/10 b/c of two dings on rim and ink on inner rim. Misprint $10

    Katana, CFR (Champ), Bright Orange, 175, new. Flat and grippy. $14
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    PM Sent.
    According to Mazza I have a sissy arm


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      The URL got shortened there in the middle (...) and doesn't work. Please repost.


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        Thanks. Pics:


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