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  • Looking for gorilla boy simian

    I heard rumor of one for sale in the Portland area. Also wondering how people like them? Seems like a great bag. LMK

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    brice lang, dion arlyn and myself are 3 people i know who tote the simian... best bag hands down for storage space and everything else..


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      Originally posted by snap7times View Post
      brice lang, dion arlyn and myself are 3 people i know who tote the simian... best bag hands down for storage space and everything else..
      make that four people who are extremely happy with them.
      no shortage on space and most things stay nice and cozy in the rain



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        It's all right, could be better.
        Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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          Originally posted by Tim View Post
          It's all right, could be better.
          What are your thoughts on how it could be better?


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            Have you seen the new design.... it's awesome.


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              I guess I was peeved at the discussions going on around the site, so my reply was a little terse, but here are some improvements I'd make to the design:

              Better backpack straps*
              More storage space
              Sturdier pockets (these like to flop around, especially if you have bottles in the water holders)
              More disc capacity (I know you can "overflow" into the side pockets if need be, but just using the normal slots, I can almost fit the same amount of discs in my Revo mini)
              Rain protection for the putters
              A better scorecard holder
              Beefy zippers
              A stronger frame (the frame holds me up fine as long as I'm on a flat surface, but I can feel it twisting and groaning if I'm on an incline at all, and I'm avg. height/weight)
              A more polished look
              Lighter weight
              Better pockets, especially interior, including a cell phone pocket
              Do away with the vertical stacking, it looks cool, but it's a less efficient use of space than regular horizontal stacking, plus the discs fall out easily. Really a complete redesign of the layout--I just don't feel it uses the space well for the size of the bag.

              *I realize the straps have been improved since I bought my bag, and I haven't tried out the newer version so can't comment on that. But, the new redesign came out like a month or two after the original "finished product." I was talking to Chris before it was officially released, and asked if there was a way to make it work with my existing bag (that I preordered many months in advance). He basically told me my only option was to sell it and buy a new one, which I felt was a crappy answer to give a customer who'd shown faith by ponying up $215 in advance.

              All that being said, the bag is still the best I've owned (especially with a few modifications here and there). The seat is definitely the big selling point, and I love being able to sit and have all my discs right there between my legs for easy grabbing. And now, I'm sold on the backpack style of bag, traditional disc golf bags seem like glorified duffel bags and I can't go back.

              If you can manage to find a good deal on a used one, I'd say go for it, but I just don't feel that the bag is worth the $215. (For comparison, I have a Swiss Gear backpack that has loads more features and tough, tough construction that retailed for like $70, but sold at Costco for like $40. If it were designed for carrying golf discs instead of books and a laptop, it'd be one of the best on the market.)

              Skookum, I haven't seen the new design, but I'd like to.
              Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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                are you sure you own a simian?
                Using quadshocks on the simian are the best, the straps that came with the bag are good but quadshocks are better.
                The adjustment straps on the sides help keep the cupholders close and less floppy.
                The storage space is sickkkk, the 2 inside-inside pockets underneath the putter/midrange pockets hold some good small items or can hold an umbrella open or closed on one side.
                Yes the main compartment only holds 12-14 drivers. Each putter holder holds 3 putters or midrange discs.
                I am able to store 6-7 towels and 5-10 snack bars in the storage space under the discs.

                Oh man screw this, i am going to do a video of my simian...
                and scorecard holders? there is one on each side plus pencil/pen pockets that could probably fit 6 on each side...
                hmmm going to do a video... bye...


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                  I am thinking about ordering me a Simian. Do you guys really think its worth the money? How heavy is it with the Discs in it? Did they come up with a new design? Are the Straps as good as Quads. Does gorilla boy take specials orders? I want one in Camo and Black. If anyone in Vancouver has one I like to check it out before I buy. Thanks Happy Huckers
                  PDGA 38153
                  STUMPTOWN 158


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                    Gorilla Boy Simian Bag

                    We have an almost new (used once and then professionally cleaned) Camo colored Simian bag in the shop for $169 if you want to drive to Roseburg (good excuse to play Whistler's Bend). Click on the Vendors tab if you need our info...
                    Last edited by SpeedandOllies; May 17th, 2011, 11:09 PM.


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                      Pic per request

                      And here's a link to their web page for the bag...



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