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    Here is some of the next stack. Let me know if you're interested in any of these discs. There are a lot more production discs in 8/10-9/10 condition. If you want any throwers I have tons of them lying around. Here are some more highlights. Just make me an offer. I want a CE Leopard max weight, CE FX max weight and I'm always looking for TBs and TLs, champ rocs, champ cobras and 10X stuff. Here's the current pile:

    CE Valkyrie 174, 2nd run, used but still lots of life left. It's got some miles on it but it's the perfect disc for somebody. It's the really super flat and stable model of Valk. Stamp almost totally intact, some ink on back.

    Night Shift Destroyer max weight with bar stamp. No ink, only thrown a few times, couple nicks, but pretty much brand new. They only made a couple hundred of these extra stable destroyers.

    10X KC Banshee 174, stamp is a little faded on top, totally intact on the bottom. Body of disc is in great shape. this is a really nice disc, other than the stamp it looks like it's only been thrown for a few rounds.

    10X KC Whippet X 172. Mega stable for backands or forehands. Hugely long for overhand thumber or finger tommy shots. It's been used but it's still in good shape. These are really hard to find.

    CE Whippet X, Blue 175 stamp is a little faded but disc body is near perfect

    Pre Barry Gummy Beast 161, old stable model, as gummy as they get, pretty good shape still, has some ink on the back.

    New 175 Proto stamp Pro Katana, white with a touch of pale pink, silver stamp, these are extremely long.

    New 169 Epic, never learned these but they're for thumbers.

    New 12X KC Star Wraith, sweet bright green/yellow with black stamp.

    Opto Vision from Lat 64, Red, feels like max weight but can't tell. This has been thrown in the field a couple times. This is like their TL, very straight and glides with very little power.

    Elite Z Surge, Yellow 167 with red glitter stamp, thrown in the field less than 10 times. Almost new.

    RPro Boss, Orange 164 new unthrown

    Opto Riot, 175 Red almost new, name on back, field tested but no real wear.

    2 star T-Rexs, 175 Yellow and 168 red, both just thrown in the field, yellow has my name on it. Both thrown less than 10 times.

    Opto Blitz, purple max weight, almost brand new, thrown less than 5 times in field, no name.

    Champ Groove, 175 clearish/pink, flashing was removed and disc was field tested but still almost new.

    Old Pro Line Beast (CE), cant read the weight. I think around 170. It's pinkish red/old mold beast, still really stable, good condition. my name is on it.

    Custom dye CFR TeeRex X, 175 with cool blue dye on clear disk. Good shape.

    Star Tee Bird, Blue 175, new unthrown

    Champ Sidewinder, 175 orange, new unthrown

    Plus for all you Feldberg lovers I have 2 Champ DF bosses Signed. I know you all love Dave Feldberg.

    More to come, this is just one stack.
    Let me know if you are interested in any of these discs.
    Make me an offer.

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    CE Valk
    Pro Line Beast


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