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  • WANTED- CFR Wraith 167-170 used OK & more wanted

    see title and post or PM.
    I'm hoping to at least partially replace the one I lost.
    Used for long low gradual annies, turned on light hyzer and thrown hard for D, and occasionally big snapped for super annies.
    You know- the whole package, with some slow speed hyzer for self correcting effectiveness.
    Fair price/trade/barter appreciated.
    I'll trade $30-40 of landscaping/mowing/handyman services per disc.
    Could always use two!

    The following would also be nice to find inexpensively, but the Wraith is my main goal.

    If someone has a lightly used Boss they want to trade/sell I may also be interested.

    and... GLOW TBIRD- 171-175 new or used (last year's or older)

    and... Gummy-ish Aviar- used fine.

    LMK your price and I'll see what I can do.

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    Originally posted by Wes Hansen View Post
    If someone has a lightly used Boss they want to trade/sell I may also be interested.
    and... Gummy-ish Aviar- used fine..
    I may be able to help you with the Boss and Aviar. What weights?
    Does the Wraith have to be CFR? I've got some Champions I think. Weight?


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      Boss= not sure. My first time trying it. Hoping for Wraith+ speed and being the most overstable disc in my bag for deep hyzers. 172-175 ish.

      Aviar - Gummy 175 ish. For my turbo. Wanna retire the U2 I use when it's too slick for the CH Aviar.

      MAYBE a CH Wraith works. (It's gonna be a LOT about gaining the confidence I had in the CFR.) Under 170 seems right. The CFR was 167-168.

      If you're Milo-bound Sunday I will be there as well.



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        Nice ears, Jeff!
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          At Ken's home course in Clearwater there's a seed on a tree that are the same apx. size and shape as his ears. Locals call them Climo ears. The first time I played their weekly doubles I was dared by a local to ask Ken to autograph one. I declined.

          (When I saw G had posted I assumed he was gonna say he'd bring all his CFR Wraiths to LT tonight so I could get one. All I get for my effort is another observation regarding Jeff's well-known lack of visual appeal and another chance for G to flash all of us.)

          I still need a CFR Wraith.



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