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  • Ebay Watch / Disc appraisal

    I am somewhat obsessed with Ebay- always looking for deals and tracking prices for discs I want or want to sell. So I thought since I already do this for fun, I'd put up a thread so people could post their discs they covet or would liquidate for the right price.

    What I need to give you the price/value of your disc follows: for discs appraisal every piece of info helps but if you are looking for a disc I only need what you care about. The more particular you are the longer it might take or the more you will pay. CE plastic in excellent (vs. mint) is somewhat less expensive but if you will take a used disc you can save over 50% off from mint or excellent.

    Condition, Model, Plastic, Run, Weight, Color (with mod), Hotstamp (with mod)
    Examples: (sorry about the run-ons- can't get spacing right)

    Condition:Mint Excellent Used Mint Mint
    (Somewhat subjective but Mint is as perfect as it gets with no signs of wear or used except scuffs in the plastic from shelf wear, if hotstamp is sweet, it should look perfect from 5 feet away (for the wall hanging types. Look up Sleepy's scale for add'l info.)

    Model: Boss Firebird Beast Nuke Buzz

    Plastic: Champ CE Pro Line ESP Elite Z

    Run: First/Proto 2nd Pro Line First First

    Weight: 175/176.9 172 169 175 168
    (weight as marked and as weighed is cool; as marked is fine)
    Color: Clear Green Blue Yellow Blue

    Color modifier: n/a Opaque Opaque Solid Trans.
    (Clear, black and smoke discs command the highest prices: a first run protostar boss at 175 grams with clear plastic and an rainbow/iridescent stamp went for a ridiculous $108 a few weeks ago.)

    Stamp: Proto Star Rainbow Black Black Silver

    Stamp modifier: (Tourney stamps- Japan Open, Gentleman's Club, Old Washington and Oregon state series (for locals), and good looking rare stamps are always in demand).

    As I said, I do this anyways so I might as well get the info out there. I really, really love getting the right disc in the right hand.

    Placements: CE Firebird (3x), CE Leopard (4x), CE Teebird (1x), ProLine Beast (3x), Destroyer (wanted a sweet stamp for under $20 bucks total to replace roommates lost disc-received a Proto Destroyer wit US Masters stamp-1 of 2 or 3 hundred made- for 16 bucks shipped), Max (Second Run Champion Max used with Gentleman's Club Stamp).

    I do buy and sell as a service but I seldom made more than 2-3 bucks beyond shipping. I really love watching the perfect disc leave someone's hand and watching them smile as it does EXACTLY what they want.

    Cheers, Bro
    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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    Current Prices:
    CE Plastic- High value: Red/Blue first run, rainbow stamp, GLOW
    Valk: Mint to excellent: 35 to 60
    Teebird: M to E: 50 to 100+ ( The Valk was the highest forever but teebirds are really surging right now)
    Eagle: M to E: 40 to 60 (GLOW CE EAGLE: $158!!! LINK TO MADNESS!!!!)
    Firebird: M to E: 40 to 80 add 10 to 30% for FX mold
    Leopard: M to E: 35 to 60

    Other Random:
    Champ Rocs: 20 to 40 for later runs (2007- later) higher for rare/glow
    2001 are still the champ 250 to 400 easy- Clear Zonedriven Stamp 1100- 1400!!

    CE Spiders/Gators/Whippets-Small star stamp or ring stamp: M to E 25 to 70

    First Run:
    Star Destroyers: 25 to 50 (Black is amazingly pricey)
    Sidewinders: Good time to buy- blue light weight for under 30 bucks.
    Champ Destroyers: Football and bar stamp 25 to 45
    Katanas: Japan Open 30 to 50 (blems 20 to 40) Star and Tim Selinske Champs are pretty cheap
    Nukes: Production run and CFR runs are out so the price on First Runs is down but not too bad- holding first runs is a gamble a few up now I'll watch.
    Bosses: I bought a bunch for less than 20 bucks and sold them off or lost them and now the price is through the roof for the proto star champs. I would sell now before the next big thing kicks in.

    Always worth something: First run buzzes, Japan Open Kabuki stamps (set a reserve price- I've bought the star roc for under 20 bucks on a fluke), Z Flicks, Anything less than 12x KC pro, some low # JC pro, Hands Aviars, Bullet stamp XDs (again set a reserve).

    Any traders/Ebayers out there with any of many discs I missed please fill in this list. Future posts will be responses only.


    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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      Thanks again for the kick ass CE Eagle!!! This guy is a absolute disc pursuing animal~Great Resource... A++++++++++++


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        Anythng that's new, black and CE.....

        I will pay any reasonable price for any black CE discs... We all know what they are worth, so please nothing outrageous! I am also always willing to trade. Got a tourny coming up? Want some custom artwork inked onto some shirts, or sweatshirts, or dryfits? We do it all, and are more than willing to donate to your cause! Just let us play, and find us some sweet black plastic for our shop wall and who knows... We may just end up being freinds......

        Colin Pavlak
        Owner, Slashed Ace Design

        - TEAM SLASHED ACE -


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          I'm on it. I was wondering what "reasonable price" means to people? For black CE.
          What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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            11x rocs max weights are going for $15-20 brand new

            I just saw a 9x kc aviar go for over $80

            And there has just been a good run on 11x aviars going for about $30 average.


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              Anyone know how much a new Pro line Cobra would be worth?
              Last edited by KRUPS; March 1st, 2010, 03:19 PM.


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                That's a good question. I see Pro Line Cobras pretty often but I don't know if they are really Pro Line (late run CE) or Pro plastic. Every other disc I know of that was issued in Pro Line and then Pro had a changed hot stamp dropping the "Line". Anyone know what's up?
                Blue 180 grams $14 plus shipping so around $20

                Will post more as they appear
                What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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                  First Run Bosses

                  What do you guys think of these two?

                  Last edited by Scott; March 9th, 2010, 04:33 PM.
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                  huk lab
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                    Nate, the bottom disc's twin just sold for over 40 - 50 bucks from a starting price of .99
                    If you need some cash put 'em up- maybe a two disc listing would give people a chance to get one for their wall and one for their bag.
                    I'd set a reserve of at least 40 bucks per disc so if they don't sell you can stick 'em with your 26,598 other discs and find them in time to pay for your kids college tuition!!! Hope you are well, Bro.
                    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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                      Cool thanks Bro. The clear one has a small chip out of the underside of the rim that has always been there, neither disc has been thrown so it must be some damage from the factory. I was hoping the clearness and the USDGC stamp would help overcome the small damage though, I don't think it is big enough to affect flight or wall hanging potential, from the front it looks like a small bubble in the rim. I guess I will look to sell them as I do in fact need some cash. I'll see if I can find any more worthy of your talents to post up. If anybody is especially interested in one of these bosses before I go the ebay route don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.
                      Innova Champion Discs
                      huk lab
                      Keen Footwear
                      Grip EQ Disc Golf Bags
                      Stimpi Ridge Disc Golf in Spokane, WA
                      Play it Again Sports Corvallis and Eugene


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                        Champion Cobra.

                        I'm looking for a max weight champion Cobra.


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                          Originally posted by Chopper View Post
                          I'm looking for a max weight champion Cobra.

                          good luck nobody seems to want to come off of any of these. I too love them.


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                            Ok so max weight cobra:
                            Will you take glow plastic- newer run but still pretty good.
                            And max weight at 190 g. or will you go down to 175?

                            Holy Grail Cobras: First run small star stamp CE plastic cobras 100 to 200 bucks

                            Champ cobras: ebay 25 to 50 for original champion cobras- max weigh and super cirspy will run you extra.

                            Globras: under 20 bucks and they fly just like the champs but they glow strangely at night.

                            Yeah, people will let go of their cobras-you just gotta get a big enough financial lever to pop 'em loose.

                            For everyone: if you let me know what your max price is, it will help me find possible discs a lot quicker. I can get sweet stuff for cheap but it will take a very long time (2+ years for my Champion Max first runs- I found them at 125 bucks each and paid less than 40 when I bought them). Plus if you are looking for throwing stock, I can usually get used cheaper.

                            Cheers, Bro
                            What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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                              BOSS UPDATE:
                              True first runs: Blue Skull and Cross Bones USDGC

                              Good example of how not to sell a disc- USDGC sweetness

                              Big star stamps are holding at above 30 each with some bargains to be had on slightly used/inked discs

                              Truly a sweet dye: I'm going to walk the earth

                              XG (extra grippy) bosses are running out but I got a line on some X-outs.

                              Discgolfmuseum.com is dropping some Japan Open Fundraiser goodness on Ebay- check them out.
                              What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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