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  • List-O-Discs: old beasts, 150, candy cheetah

    I have two bins of discs that I don't need and don't want. They might be heading to play it again sports if nobody makes any offers (they have a few discs I would throw).

    I am looking for (mostly heavy discs, used or new):
    PAYPAL FUNDS or cash (going to the memorial, am nationals, maybe am worlds)
    Revo Carolina/Mini Bag (I would trade a bunch of plastic for either)
    09 Ace Race Focus
    ESP Meteor
    ESP Surge
    All Buzzzes
    Z/Glo Stalker
    Z Reaper
    All Comets
    Z/ESP Predator

    Sleepy's scale below, pics on request

    plastic disc color weight ink cond
    11x candy pro cheetah orange 173 none 6.5 (gr8 throwin shape)
    champ old mold 1x barry beast rainbow ? faded ink 7.5
    champ old mold 2x barry pearly beast yellow 167 none 7.5
    champ old mold 2x barry pearly beast pink 164 name/# 7
    champ old mold super gummy pre barry beast yellow 160 sm name/# 7.5 (one med ding)
    proline dga 1st flt tourney stamp aftershock orange 176 none new
    champ classic roc green w/black squigly sun dye 174 name/# 7.5
    star starfire L white 172 name/# 7
    champ valkyrie yellow 173 name/# 7
    champ valkyrie yellow w/ badass spider web dye 174 faded name/# on rim 8
    pro d crush orange 172 none 6
    dx birdie blue 169 none 7
    DGA steady ed blowfly blue 171 none 9
    champ flat pearly orc dayglo green/yellow 159 heavy ink 7.5
    pro destr0yer blue 175 name/# faded 7
    cfr tourney stamp teerex yellow 170 name/# 8
    champ spider orange 168 name/# 9
    dx bar stamp aviar yellow 171 scratched name 5
    champ 12x firebird pink 166 faded name 8
    champ sidewinder reddish pink 165 faded ink 7.5
    champ sidewinder light pink 174 minimal 8
    champ sidewinder red 175 name/# 8.5
    champ sidewinder yellow 175 none 8.5
    kc pro roc mustard yellow 180 new
    dx wraith purple 149 new
    dx eagle x light blue 147 minimal/removed 8.75
    dx teerex yellow 147 messed up xout stamp new
    dx destroyer red 150 new
    x xs orange 168 name/# 6.5
    dx orc blue 175 name/# 6.5
    dx viper hot pink 177 name/# 6
    pro d venom white 167 name/# 3 (no dog marks)
    dx firebird yellow 175 name/# 6
    dx teebird blue 165 name/# 6
    dx valkyrie yellow 172 name/# 6.5
    dx valkyrie green 171 name/# 7
    champ xout old mold pearly beast white 170 name/# 7
    champ pearly orc green 170 name/# 5.5
    dx gator 166 yellow name/# 3 (dog toy literally)
    champ 2x new mold barry beast yellow 169 name/# 8
    quest at backbone salmon 172 name/# 8
    lightning #2 helix purple 170 name/# 7
    dx cheetah white 171 name/# 7.5
    dx beast white 172 name/# 6
    dx shark yellow 177 name/# w/spray paint on bottom 7
    z xl yellow 171 name/# 3 (would be 6 w/o dog chew marks)
    z crush 1st run yellow 170 name/# 6.5
    dx leopard black 148 name/# 5.5
    dx cheetah blue 173 name/# 5.5
    dx gazelle red 167 name/# 7
    aerobie epic yellow 167 name/# 5.5

    Sleepys Standard Scale:
    10- Never thrown, no ink, brand new condition
    9- Field tested or used for one or two rounds
    8- Lightly used with very minimal wear
    7- Used with some minor dings or scuffs but still in good shape
    6- Typical used disc with the usual dings, scratches but still worthy
    5- Kinda beat, significant wear, has lost a good bit of it's stability
    4 - Beat up turnover disc with some evident war story wear
    3 or under- Beat to Hades dog chew toy

    Get Better:!

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