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  • A lot of Discraft!

    Hey everyone, this is Gregg Barsby, I've got about 150 or so discs I'm selling @ $10 a pop (for most Z and ESP) there are some sweet, rare finds in there, and I'm looking to get a little xtra spending $ for my USDGC trip. If anyone needs a few new golf discs, please let me know. i'll be around the area. If you respond we can meet up.

    i've got Buzzz's, Zones, the new ace race putters in the D & ESP, Predators, Avengers, Forces and a bunch of sweet new magnets, some other various new and used gems as well.

    figured I'd put it out there...

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    I would love to check out some stuff, can't ever have enough magnets

    let me know whats up



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      I need:
      light blue Soft Magnet 173-176
      light blue Magnet 173-176

      and maybe:
      light blue FLX Buzzz 173-176
      light blue ESP Ace Race Putter 173-176

      let me know what you have


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        Hey Barsby, what do you think of the new ace race mold? It's a hot topic on a few boards. Set a white or blue Pro D aside for me, something in the 170 range if ya have one. I'll be at Milo Sunday morning early, and Pier on Wed. about 4.
        'J' man
        ps. you talk Doss out of that shirt? Oh and if you have a 170ish blue, or white tourney stamped Buzzz, set it aside too. 'J'
        educate your thinking


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          I want to try a predator... what do you recommend (I'm a pro with descent power and throw both backhand and forehand)


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            I would love to get an MRV since I've thrown one but never been able to find somebody who actually still has a new one for sale. I'm not sure how long they have been out of press. If you have any let me know, the heavier the better.

            Also, any first run Forces or first run Crushes? Not much of a magnet fan. Prefer the APX.
            "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
            Cleveland Brown


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              I'm in Bend. I'd definitely take a few magnets from you. Shoot me an e-mail, jagarrett@cocc.edu, if we could make this work.



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