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  • Let's trade some plastic for some, err,.....plastic!

    Hey everybody. Scott Papa here and I am writing to all of you because I am ready to do some plastic trading for some plastic. If you don't know, we have a lot of plastic here (check out Hyzer Farm on eBay, that's our store) not to mention we have a lot of other stuff not on there and of course we can do lots of cool special dyes for you too. Bottom line, if you are wanting something in the golf disc world we have a pretty good chance of having it.

    Now the question is....do you have what we want? Yes, we want very specific plastic but it is stuff that many people out there have. We are looking for specific plastic straight out of Denmark. That's right....we are in search of Legos!!!! What kind of Legos and why you ask? Well, we now have 4 kids that are 5 and under and they are all very excited about Legos. We have enough Duplos, now we are on to Legos and they can't get enough. We are not collector types so it's not like we are looking for anything specific. However, if there was a choice, we would love to have complete set types of things with the instructions for construction. Also, the boxes are unnecessary, but the kids love to look at the boxes so they are a plus.Further, if we had our specifics to choose from, it would be anything from the City collection, Friends collection, Star Wars or Galaxy Squad. Now again, those are simply what the kids are totally into. We would have interest in trading for darn near anything including just random lots of bricks. Oh yeah, they really like all the minifigures so any of these are cool too.

    So what do you have? Anything in the back of the closet or out in the garage? No fair swiping anything from siblings or kids but hey, it may just be time to finally clean out that attic and turn it into the latest from Innova, Discraft, Vibram, MVP, Latitude 64, Dynamic, Legacy, Prodigy, DGA, etc........

    So send me a PM or email to : spapa@centurytel.net

    Thanks and talk to you soon!

    Scott Papa
    Team Discraft
    Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine

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    You need to get a hold of (Legorules) Cindy McMahon. She works for Lego, and probably is the best resource to meet your needs. Not sure if company policy @ Lego creates any conflicts for her, but I would seek her out on this forum and send a PM.
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