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  • Seatac the 24th of September

    From Keith:

    Or maybe more like 9am to whenever the gas,legs,or light gives out.
    Yes the TAC is looking a little shaggy these days. I don't think I need to explain the reasons why, because I think you all already know,but I will beat the dead horse and say it MOSTLY has to do with, the plain and simple fact that city of SEATAC could care a less about that piece of property that the disc golf course sits on. I know it sucks to always ask this of the disc golf community to lend a hand and help out,but look at it like this: If we can prove to the property owners that we can in fact take care of this piece of property and we actually care for it, maybe we can have our own little private disc golf course? How cool would that be? Members only disc golf course...hmmm has a crazy cool ring to it eh? Worse things have happened. So yeah If you got the time if your willing,able,not playing in Whiners In the Woods part 2,and your up for some grooming, we could use the help.As always Erick Illg will be there for any support or direction. Seatac tournament central (just to the right of hole #8 fairway).
    I'm gonna bring some food and beer this time to do some enticing to those who are down to put in some time. Hows some ice cold micros and BBQ sound? Lets wait and see what the weather is like, and change the menu accordingly.
    Either way, you got a whacker,mower,hedgetrimmer,brushhog,john deere 62" riding mower? bring it!!!!
    Your help is always greatly appreciated,and if your a CDGC member actually expected, look over the brochure,and get a discount on your next purchase at the shop.
    Cheers, Keith
    Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

    ~ Cyndi Lauper ~

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    Originally posted by sillybizz View Post
    From Keith:

    Either way, you got a whacker,mower,hedgetrimmer,brushhog,john deere 62" riding mower? bring it!!!!

    Cheers, Keith
    DAMN ! All I got is that 48" John Deere, guess thats just a waste of time, sorry.

    But seriously, the Tac's not lookin' turrible right now, just a little crispy. I doubt there is much weedwhacking to do at this point.
    Some of the ankle roller holes need to be filled in, but shrubbery wise, I think the place is in pretty good shape.

    Ericks new hole that we played the CTP on is now completely overgrown with 6' tall vegetation again, but that was to be expected.

    Prolly be some leaves down by next week, rakes might be good.
    Should still be good blackberries, bring tupperware.


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      I'll be there. I don't have any tools though. I could probably go buy something used, but if I do what should I bring? Rake? Shovel? Scythe?


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        I think Keith has some club tools that you could use.
        Bring cheap goggles and some thick gloves for handling blackberries, if you have them.

        Preliminary scouting yesterday revealed many ankle twisting holes on #2,3,5,6,9,10,16, and 17, like I suspected, I will see if Erick is bringing the 3 wheeler, then its easier to move dirt around the course, otherwise, wheel barrows would be good.

        14 and 15 could stand some weed whacking, and all the tees need to be blown off.

        Other than that, the course is in good shape, the plums and blackberries are ripe and sweet, and all baskets seem to be in good functioning order.

        Oh, I almost forgot. The new little cedars between 4 and 9 are suffering, probably because none of us have given them regular watering over the summer. They may not survive.
        Somebody needs to make sure they have water on a regular basis, and I know the city wont care, so if you can help out with this, please do.


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          Cool. I have some cheap goggles already, but i'll go out and buy a pair of gloves. I'm still getting used to the fact that blackberry bushes grow like weeds here, so I don't know if you can just pull them to remove or should I bring some hand clippers?


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