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  • Seatac Weed Whack - 7/17/10 10:00 AM

    Just a couple weeks until the tournament now, and the courses are looking pretty good for the most part. Lakewood, of course is looking fine as always, and Seatac is still holding up well since the last mowing, but there are some spots that are a little rough around the edges. We're doing what we can to get the city to do one more pass before the tournament,, but the rough spots are where their mowers can't go. So this weekend, we're having a work party to try to get the Tac all nice and groomed and weed whacking is the theme for this party. If you have a weed whacker, please come on down and pitch in. With a decent turnout, we could knock it out in a couple hours. Even if you can't make it down, but have a weed whacker you'd lend to the cause, that would help too! The main focus is weed whacking, but also some good old fashioned trash pickup is in order too. We're doing this in cooperation with Chainbangerz, so if you're a member that wants credit towards course maintenance, this is a great time to do it--and hey, who doesn't want the Tac to good anyway?

    The work party will take place Saturday, 7/17, meet at 10:00. If you can't make the party, but have equipment you'd be willing to let us borrow, please contact Keith at Chainbangerz, Eric, or myself.
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    Strange yellow caution tape appeared right in the middle of the #3 fairway yesterday, at the gap.
    It was bridged between three trees at eye level.

    Brent and I postulated that someone must have told the Parks Dept. people about the huge wasp nest near the 3 tee. They went out and putt tape in the wrong place.
    Either that or we missed something, because we looked pretty hard around those trees for a hazard, and found nothing.

    Tape was ripped down by mid afternoon by disc golfing anarchists.

    Still , you might want to look for, and flag, any new nests that they might build this week. I was under both painful hollys on 18, no sight of the usual nests there.

    I spotted two snakes out in the sun in two different spots, on 13 and 18, in the tall grass. If you're weed whacking, be aware of them.

    Worst spots that need attention are:

    1) between #4 and #5 fairways
    2) #12 before the path
    3) between #13 and #14
    4) #15 left side
    5) #17 left side
    6) #18 short right, then mid fairway on the left

    All tees, baskets and benches are intact, and relatively graffiti free.
    Please do not move the tee sign on #14 from its hiding place, the #13 basket is still in great shape due to its absence, and it should stay this way as long as the tee sign is tucked away.

    Bring trash bags, all the buckets are full, as well as supplemental garbage left in trash bags alongside the cans, so there is alot to haul out if you want the course to look decent.


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      We're going to BE there!
      'Weekend 4 Women':
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        Sweet, see you guys out there! I'm thinking of trying to get down there early to throw a little bit before my arms become vibrating noodles. We'll see if I can maintain my motivation in the morning though.
        Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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          I will probably be coming down with the big Stihl schwacker later this afternoon, maybe 2-3pm timeframe, if any of you can let me know what you couldnt get to before then, I will know where to park.


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            If I was within driving distance, I would be there with my trusty Shindawa...
            Don't know if the venerable Mr. Illg will be showing up, but I did let him know about the party.
            Thanks to all of you who are helping!
            "I love it when a plan comes together" -John 'Hannibal' Smith


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              Seatac is looking playable right now, heh. Go work party force!

              hey Jub: GO CHAINBANGERZ!
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                Nice turnout and got a good amount of work done from what I can tell. My arms are all trembly, I'm a little delirious, and I smell like 2-cycle. I'm looking to some Hop Ottin' and Gorditos to help me out with this situation though. Thanks to all that helped out today (even the city chipped in a bit!), the Tac is looking much better all because of you.
                Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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