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    This Saturday any able hands would be greatly appreciated at sea-tac.
    Some of you may know the mystery vandilizers returned & this time they gave a pretty good beating to basket #13 Adam is working on repairing it & reinforcing it so this hopefully it won't happen again. This course is so vast its too much for any one person or any one group, so if you care about it,come on out & show your support. 11:00 meet at tournament central (between holes 8 & 16) thank you

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    I will be there at 9AM to throw a round beforehand. Mr Illg and Rolly are slated to throw then work as well.
    Bring machetes and loppers. Not a whole lot of weedeating to do yet, although the grass is beginning to grow rapidly.
    Now is the best time of year to work on blackberry eradication
    "I love it when a plan comes together" -John 'Hannibal' Smith


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      Pretty good turn out. Mike, Erik Illg, Kenny, Dan Major, Tim, Chuck, Doc Buttle and I. 1030-3pm

      4-9 Basket 5 new shrubs were planted today to address the issue of skip out onto the other fairway. These need to be watered so anytime your by there give em a sip off that water bottle.
      Tee 16 now there more room to stand.
      Hole 11 New spotters spot created.
      12 Berrries short of trail GONE
      Hole 13 Line of sight from street and bum encampment cleaned up
      Hole 18 Blackberries removed from trees middle third

      Currently the 13 basket is getting a makeover we hope to have it reinstalled by next weekend.
      Next Sat I will once again be out to scrub tees work on the piles and start painting 10m circles.


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        There will be another two parties this week.

        Tue 3/23 11-3 General Clean up, piles on 14 and 8, clean Tees
        Sat 3/27 10-3 Clean Tees, weedeater, Greens


        Two more next week Tue and Thur. Times TBD

        Make sure you sign in and out so Bangerz gets credit for your hours.


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          Basket repaired hopefully in the ground tomorrow
          Speaking about tomorrow 11-3 Tee pads and greens


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            Andrew ( his little dog too) and I got several projects done yesterday. He mowed Tourny Central a bunch of middle 8 and the 17 green. I was able to scrub tee's 3,4,5,9,10,16 and scalp the holly bush behind tee 4. Mike (Omni) got 13 basket reinstalled as well as a Trash round with Tim+ (not a Bob), ChUck and Thor.

            Thanks for all your help Gentleman, It is greatly appreciated by me and noticeable too all.

            Guy and I will be out at least two more times this week. dates and times TBA

            AND Banger'z Ace Pot is today.


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              More today the last three pads cleaned!!!!The pile by 13/15 tee is history. Got a couple a locals to lend a quick hand. Painted more circles and a little different OB on 2

              For those of you not familiar with SeaTac hole 2 is bordered by a chain link fence(or at least sections of it) anyway the first hole has an orange OB line, pretty straight forward. The circle extends past where the fence used to be so it is marked green for the circle/orange for the OB so If you are inside the circle but outside the fence your still in play. It is clearly marked in and out.


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                Is there paint on hole 4 where the fence used to be as well?
                Read this ^


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                  Yes it orange


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                    Guy an I will be out tomorrow from like 10-230 or so.


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