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  • WA Team DG: The Moose Logs

    After a few years playing TDG, I have had many good times, stories, and traditions. I have always wished some part of me would document the times as they go by. Every week in TDG has its story to add to another chapter. This is an attempt to capture the story of the 2014 Spartacus Moose.

    First off, it should be said about the team that they are a lovable band of uniquely skilled degenerates. There is a Head Coach rather a "Captain", a world class athlete, a few class acts, and a few world class asses. Since being added to TDG as an expansion team in 2012, the Moose has yet to manage a winning season. Finishing in the bottom half of the league first 2 seasons. Now in the 2014 season and having undergone some rebuilding the Moose are lean when taking strokes so far this year, and have been playing from behind often.

    Event 1: @Lakewood vs. Westsound
    (0-1) Result: Lost 3.5 to 8.5

    Event 2: @ White River vs. Fenwick
    (0-2) Result : Lost 3-9

    Event 3: @ Fort Steilacoom vs. Kitsap
    (1-2) Result: Win 8.5 to 3.5

    Starting the season 0-2 was nothing new or unexpected for the Moose. One was a close loss left on the course, after coming back in several matches from huge deficits. One dubs match had to win by 12, they ended up losing by 2, shooting an impressive 49 (-11) for 20 holes of Lakewood, birdie on playground hole (#6 400ft) to finish. The other loss came by way of outplaying then getting outplayed. There was a theme of being capable of getting into wining positions but not being able to finish coming in to Event 3.

    Team Kitsap would be a tough matchup for the Moose on paper, it got harder when technical errors took a win for the Moose to a tie during the first round. 3-3 at the half instead of 4-2. A crushing blow to some Moose members, some weeping openly even.

    Rumors of a hot second round by the dubs in progress helped fuel the rest of the Moose. One certain member who had originally believed it was "imminent failure" to be playing, was now surging ahead. That was about the time the same certain Moose threw his second shot nearly in the basket on hole #5 NW (par 4) from about 200ft off the tee box. One of the best shots I've ever witnessed and best shot of the day.

    The ending was in favor of the Moose 5.5 to .5 in the second half, the only tie came down to the last hole, where a tough 35 footer from the rough was made in impressive clutch fashion to close a 2 stroke gap for Team Kitsap. Honorable mentions in the second round for the Moose were a smoking 49 on NW, and dubs with a 47. The Moose have got their first win of the season in 2014 and are on the move from the bottom of the standings.

    Next event they face a talented Chainbangerz squad that are 1-1-1 but lead TDG in points. Fairgrounds DGC is the location and this is a well balanced matchup. Expect fireworks.
    "Remember boys this ain't therapy"-Jub.
    PDGA # 42821
    Push-ups owed to: thebakedone 1,856.

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    Well said, Rolly. Nice story telling and imagery... I look forward to the next installment... aka Moosepacalypse!


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      Nice Rolly. Good stuff.


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        There are people in life that make the times more memorable and just THAT much better. We were lucky to have Peter Land as a Moose, and even luckier we got to spend as much time with him as we did. We love and miss you Pete. RIP P.Moose #47488

        Lots could be written about the Moose after nearly the whole team no shows for Event #4 at Kitsap Fairgrounds, but it would do no good. Only one brave Moose was man enough to play, he along with one other were good enough to carry the Spartacus Moose name that week.

        There is a lesson to be learned, and it is clear and profound. Our OG member might be gone, but he is teaching us a critical lesson: Come together..Play together..Winning is enjoying the moments we have together. Scores are irrelevant. He also taught us it is okay to play in pajama pants.

        Event #4 Kitsap Fairgrounds
        Chainbangerz 12- Moose 0

        "Remember boys this ain't therapy"-Jub.
        PDGA # 42821
        Push-ups owed to: thebakedone 1,856.


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          A new hope and a brave new world for the Moose Event #5 held at Riverside DGC. There was no doubt that hearts still hung heavy, the will to win for a fallen team member and friend was high. There is always a new chapter when one ends and the Moose are no different, gaining a new team member who was a Moose all along, he just didn't know it. There is a certain culture that the Moose provide. It is important that the balance of the team not be compromised. True to form, the last 3 new Moose won their first match. Way to go FNM!!

          The course layout was perfect for the Moose style of play, a par 59. All but one of the par 4's had open lines to make them fair and fun. The weather was mild to begin then picked up in to wet, cold misery for the ill prepared. The first round was a rough go for the dubs match, getting absolutely destroyed. Yet they were not out of it, 2-4.

          Knowing they needed to win nearly all the matches in the second round, it was not until the last card came in that seal the fate of the Moose. 3-3 in the second round. A near comeback, defeat that only compounds the heartache.

          Event #5 Riverside DGC
          White River 7- Moose 5

          It is another long 2 weeks before there is a chance at redemption at Seatac DGC. Can the Moose keep what momentum they have going? Can they put down the best match of the year yet? Only fitting it goes down in a special place like Seatac.
          "Remember boys this ain't therapy"-Jub.
          PDGA # 42821
          Push-ups owed to: thebakedone 1,856.


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