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    Unfortunately i got sick the weekend of Sam Brown and was unable to go. I heard the Pro money was handled differently this year. Did all the pro payouts go to skins? I thought it said in the first sows post on the schedule that there was overall payout and skins payout.

    I heard the skins group were larger this year also. Bigger group seems like lots of pushes lowering the odds of winning any skins.

    Was just curious if these changes were ever made known to anyone before finals, or if it was changed at the finals.
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    I got in touch with everyone I had phone numbers for (a significant number of pro's) the week leading up to Sam Brown. We decided to combine the Overall money which was $284 for 32 qualifiers with the skins money which was $568 for skins. The reasons for this was unless you were top 4 you were only going to get between $5 and $10 total for overall payout, with the winner getting around $25. As the person that forfeited the most money by not taking the overall payout, I was the one who proposed this. Adding this money helped to boost the skins game up to a respectable amount, and didnt force the last card to play for like $5 or $6 per hole.

    It is the same thing we did last year. The money was then split up evenly and the groups play for 15,13,11,10 per hole.

    This was not in an attempt to do it behind anyones backs and if you want the $10 you would have likely got from the overall money I will personally give it to you the next time I see you since you were not made aware of the changes.

    There was extra added money in skins from Yose also, Every Pro that was at Sam Brown was made aware of how it was all going to be split up before we did it and everyone agreed.



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      Just curious was all as i made every event this year but never heard anything of payout changes for overalls.
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