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    Originally posted by DanD View Post
    Now Now Josh, we didn't trick anyone. They set their lineups, the fact that we noticed one of their doubles players hadnt played a singles match only makes us observant.

    I depend on ODW to show each and every Saturday team the reason why they should fully understand the line up rules. If it wasn't for your tough love they would continue to make line up errors. Let's see how many more teams you can get this season before they ask me, or read the rules.

    I personally find it funny that I mention a warning to each captain almost every Saturday event and they still make the error. We remember the scars more than the hazard signs I guess... This is the second time it has cost your opponent the match, will you give lessons on the best techniques to encourage line up errors please? We sure could use a spare 2 match points each day.
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      One could point out the mistake as a displah of goog sportsmanship, or one can be a DB.
      I guess it depends on the person.


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        That was a nail biter for sure!
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          Hate to say it but... if after 6 events you're not getting the two basic rules - if someone plays doubles in the morning or sits in the morning, they must play singles in the afternoon - you probably need some help filling out the sheet. It is not the responsibility of the other team to help them figure this out.
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            Yep, important rules to keep in mind:

            *** THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL RULES. I am only reciting my recollection of certain rules. ***

            *) A player must play at least one round of singles that day, or NONE of their rounds count

            *) Seven different teammates must play at least one singles round that day for the team to get the 7-player bonus point.

            *) Player slots must be filled on the match sheet in order from top to bottom (S1, S2, S3, S4, D1, S5/D2, for example, in the AM). There can be no gaps. Any blank slots must appear at the end.

            *) Points 1 through 5 are compulsory; if you don't fill them out, you forfeit the point. Only the 6th point (S5/D2, SX,D4)) is an optional point.

            *) You can only play Cali if your team has no other players left for you to be partnered with.

            *) A Cali can not play against a Cali, a one on one contest must be played as a singles contest.
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              well played treelove. well played.


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