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  • Originally posted by Sausage Fingers View Post

    And not only did it put the singles match into a tie, it ultimately resulted in the entire match being a tie. Shattering the hopes and dreams of a Darkhorse repeat.

    I am rapidly approaching my self imposed internet ban so I will leave you with this post to rant and rave about and I'll be back sometime on Thursday to read your opinions.

    I kind of liken this to the GPS coordinates being off on one of those smart bombs by like .0005 degrees - sorry innocent family next to that suspicious warehouse!

    Kidding (sort of).

    While it always hurts to have hopes and dreams shattered I think it more points to how much work you put in Jordan not to mention how dang accurate/tight the handicapping system is.


    • Originally posted by kel View Post
      From my experience, the idea of not knowing the actual gap until after the match . . . sucks ass.
      Most definitely agree.
      "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


      • Quote:
        Originally Posted by kel
        From my experience, the idea of not knowing the actual gap until after the match . . . sucks ass.
        Most definitely agree.
        I have to also agree!



        • I understand where Jordan is coming from.

          He is VERY intent on getting things right when he runs TDG and obviously takes pride in doing the best job possible. His idea of creating the rating/stroke spread after the fact is his idea for making things even more accurate.

          However, TDG is FUN and that, I feel, is the number one priority. I don't think this rule change is needed or wanted by most players. I think it would take some of the fun out of it- as we'd never be 100% sure where we stood at the end of the day.

          I appreciate the extra effort Jordan is willing to take on, but I hope he changes his mind. He doesn't need the extra work and things seem to work pretty darn well most of the time.

          The RRs may not have liked the result last week, but those guys are all good players and we beat them because of the AM pads, not the RPS that was set. I think they'll make it to the Championship just fine and the embarrassment of their loss will fade- in time.


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