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  • OR Team DG: Lost or stolen at Adair

    Last Saturday I handed out the discs I had found at Trojan to the Saturday players, and also had a sealed bag with all of the discs for the Sunday players that I was going to hand off to DC Dan to deliver. These discs I placed on DC Dan's seat thinking that no one would be disrespectful and asinine enough to think they could just dig thru shit that was not theirs. Well I was wrong. Some jack ass thought it a good idea to open these discs before Dan could get back to the van and now two of those discs are gone. Thanks douche! Now I get to look like a idiot to the two people I promised to return recovered discs to, and get to tell them that someone from Saturday thought it was a good idea to take some plastic that was not theirs.

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    I'm sorry to hear that D. Unfortunately it's not the first time on a Saturday someone has felt they are entitled to any unattended disc.


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