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  • OR Team DG: Discrupters looking for a new team member

    Due to one of our team members being a giant baby we are seeking a new team member for the second half of the season.

    PM, PM I say, if interested in joining the cellar dwellers.

    Preferred candidates will play disc golf, brew their own beer, love to cook outdoors, be an avid gardener and hate to lose.

    Next match is New Year's Day. If you can't be there for that one please don't apply.

    PM, PM I say, if interested.

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    Awfully Donald Sterling of you....


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      Sorry, don't get it.


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        He owns the L.A. Clippers and heckles them when they are playing badly. And at 5 and 20 he does a lot of heckling I'm sure.


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          Yeah... the giant baby thing was a little over the top. Unless you were talking about your son who is technically a child but not a baby and certainly not a giant baby if your size is any indication.
          ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
          ~Annika SŲrenstam


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            The giant baby isn't on the forum, so I used a little leeway. (He ASKED to be replaced.) Besides, I said it as a light ribbing, with affection. Hence, my also teasing, in a self-deprecating manner, myself and the rest of the team.
            We are in it for the fun, not the glory. Or, in the case of Dabney, all about persevering in the face of overwhelming odds. We garnered our best point total (no, no win) with only a trio of team members.
            But we'd sure like to have another team member who would show up as promised.
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