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    Originally posted by Susie Sunshine View Post
    I'm so excited for this Sunday!!

    And it's not quite roofie stew, but Eric and I are brewin' up a big batch of "apple pie", his signature tasty winter beverage, for all (over 21) to share. The primary ingredient: 1 1/2 fifths of Everclear grain alcohol. Yeehaw!

    I'll be fighting George off of this stuff all day, thanks. I'll be expecting Shawn to put down a 100% grain alcohol QUAFFER!
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      Originally posted by "Over the Hill" Bob View Post
      I'll have coffee and cocoa for the younger un's.

      You sir, just made my good guys list.
      Ruining everyone else's fun since 1998.


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        Originally posted by Darr View Post
        I'll be fighting George off of this stuff all day, thanks. I'll be expecting Shawn to put down a 100% grain alcohol QUAFFER!
        Ouch! I don't think I can rise to that challenge. Ha!! And thankfully it won't be an issue, as every bit of that grain alcohol will be in the drink already (we're cooking it the night before). I'll eat plenty of the apple slices, though, and that oughta have a similar effect.


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          Thanks in advance you Drunkards!
          Karl here from HR with an FYI that all was indeed good with baby-girl after my quick departure from Sorosis after 3 holes of play. Way to go Celeste: you kicked my ass on that round.... 72 to 122 OUCH! DNF sucks!!

          In case you didn't find the link before, here are some fun pics from Sorosis.

          More to come for week #2!

          Looking forward to good times,


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            I'm glad she's doing well, Karl! And great pictures!!


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              Crap. I didn't know anything happened. I am glad that things are ok - whatever those things might have been.
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                Originally posted by proto something or other View Post
                You sir, just made my good guys list.
                Bob "just" made your good guys list?
                You must not have known him very long.

                Bob Rocks.

                By the way... Bob LOVES an icy cold bottled root beer after a day of golfing. Thomas Kemper or Henrys. Whenever I'm playing a tourney with Bob, I always try to keep one or two in my cooler. Alas, I'm not playing TG this year (hint hint)...


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                  obviously you have never played team disc Scott. the "root" part of rootbeer isnt around much, the "beer" part is though, hahaha
                  All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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                    And I will also bring

                    a fresh 5# bag of peanuts in the shell!

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                    Remain ye men of faculty complete,
                    Of full arithmetic and prudence fair,
                    Attending to our noble bond and contract?
                    Or does here stand the last remaining man
                    To give a fig for rules and order yet,
                    No noble savage, but a stave unbroken
                    Who loves the law and bids it no misdeed.
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