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  • Week 1 smack talk

    Ok no bet this year Wes ... It's almost like getting a by week getting to play the "none disc ruptures" .... Can't wait to kick some ace

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    I thought maybe we could have the bet. Based on the results of 12 of the 14 matchups (not counting the two we have to basically give you.)
    If you are afraid and looking for an easy way out, we can forget the bet.
    We could always have a little you vs. me bet as well. (second round- Steve and I feel like beating up your doubles team in the AM to start our season)
    Just let me know if you still have any confidence in your team. I can understand if not. If I had your team I'd probably not make the bet either.

    You do realize we can't count on the Rednecks having another year of totally bombing.

    Ours might be viewed (from a strictly historical perspective) as the match that sets someone in the cellar for the season. By someone, I mean you & your Rapid Fails team.

    Then again, Darkhose and Pet This players are all starting to look a little bit long in the tooth. Whereas The Discrupters continue to get younger and better looking.

    In order to make this a more memorable first (of many) smack talk post I should probably find a way to put down the other five Sunday teams as well....
    However, since none of them seems that big a threat to The Discrupters running away with the season, I really don't think they are worth even naming.

    (If any Sunday team feels like I haven't "smacked" 'em just a little, Please let me know. I can still edit this post.)


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      Lol.. Now if the young and better looking one's on you team would replace the old and ugly one's with more like them I'd be scared ... So ok I'll take the bet you tell me when we get there as to how it will work ...I'll be with one of the younger better looking people on your team


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        Dodgers lose, Dodgers lose. Prediction for today: Dodgers lose, Dodgers lose.


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          The 'Necks got no chance this year. no need for smack


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            Wes, don't forget to polish your top gun outfit.
            Don't want to look rough on week one.


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