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    08. Born2BFly - Ryan Tech is now confirmed.
    09. ? Hylton (Out but wants to form or join a team)
    10. ? Putt it in your mouth (Zach and Timbo in CO, unsure of other players?)

    Two Team spots left to confirm, Hylton may be out, But Putt it in your mouth any one left who wants to return?
    PDGA# 49616
    Stumptown# 353
    OTDG: Young Guns - SAT


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      JORDAN, Is there really no way around the 1000 rating start for new players? It just seems so darn punitive to players new to TDG. And really, really punitive to the teams that they join. Week one, and perhaps beyond, are nothing more than prelim matches for those players, and basic forfeits for their team. No, I do not know an easy solution- other than allowing for a prelim round for players with no ratings. At worst, one could calculate their first singles rounds immediately so they have a realistic rating on their second round first day. That may provide some teams with half a chance to not give away the entire day. Other than a prelim for newbies, which seems fair, I am unable to introduce an idea that makes this issue easy to resolve for you and those assisting you. I just feel not finding a fix is unfair. I may be mistaken, but with all the new teams forming on Saturday and changes to Sunday's teams, I don't think we are talking about this in relation to any one team. George, Bets off until I know which week we play you. No point making a wager if we will be forced to eat a loss. (Sorry for the look of this post, but it's the fault of this site- use the "enter" key and nearly anything can happen.)


      • Jeff Hemmerling
        Jeff Hemmerling commented
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        I know we don't have time to do mid-match ratings calculations, so that is out.

        We (all team golfers) are open to suggestions on how to solve this problem. Many ideas have been tossed about but no silver bullet.
        BTW, the 1000 rating is only for the first match. After that your rating is based on played rounds; the 1000 is NOT part of your average.
        So yes, the first match is basically is a sure lost point (or two).

      • tmk
        tmk commented
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        How about DGCR ratings, along with a reliable witness not on the same team?

      • Sausage Fingers
        Sausage Fingers commented
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        I have a new player on my team that will also start with a TDG rating of 1000 for his first match. And as captain I am resigned to the fact that he will probably be losing his first singles match unless he plays against another player with a 1000 for a starting rating. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll play your team the first week!

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      just suck it up wes. you're just gonna have to eat that first match point


      • George A.
        George A. commented
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        I have faith is his new player ... She could pull of the win
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