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  • other series: BAD ACE Travelling Winter Handicap Series is back (Salem Area)

    November 5th through February 11th, Every other Saturday for 16 weeks... 8 events total, Handicapped, best 5 scores will count. So you really just need to make 5 events. You earn one point per person you beat each round after your handicap is added or subtracted from your score. If someone doesnt show, you automatically earn a point for beating them!

    $25 entry for the entire series. Optional $5 daily entry for best raw score. All cash paid out! Top 5 series scores get paid... Likely we will play Cascade Gateway, Keizer Rapids, Camp Taloali, Woodmansee, Wortman, Newberg Circuit (Champoeg 15 Hoover 9 and Ewing Young 12 = 36 holes), Adair, and Dave Heiders Private Course in Amity. I am gonna try and grow this year, so spread the word!
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    Trophies... cant forget trophies

    we have some sweet metal trophies that Mic and Scotty make, with Disc golf baskets perched atop. The winner gets their name engraved on the travelling trophy and owns it for a year, 1st 2nd and 3rd get there own sick trophy to keep forever. Handicaps are very simple and easy to figure out. Also we encourage Bad Ace members to play for bag tags! Historically we have had about 25 members; I would like to grow this year to 40. If we do I will likely increase the amount of folks who cash. Spread the word!
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      No Hornings this year?!? I think we should add Hornings in place of Keizer, last time i went out there it was a complete jungle. Other than that I'm stoked for some Bad Ace winter golf and hopefully bringing that traveling first place trophy BACK to my house where it belongs.


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        I think I just might be down to join


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          Come one come all

          Nothing is set in stone... however I have put up a tentative schedule... and it is completely open to debate... especially in the case of debating with my boy I was thinking if we are trying to grow then lets make this as local as possible... but I have also grown to 8 events and only requiring you make it to 5 to get full points, therefor a couple fo further away locales wont be a major issue... Hornings should definatley make it back on the schedule... ehck we could even grow to 9 events... let the debate begin
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            Sounds like someone is afraid of Keizer.
            Bring it on.


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              I'm shaking in my Keen Dela's... After playing the ORDGC I think i'm going to add some OB lines and a couple of island greens my winter series 9-hole layout at Dave's, it's going to be sick!

              p.s. and a 600ft+ par 4
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                You should turn on the electric fence for fun


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                  Originally posted by ahukingacehole View Post
                  No Hornings this year?!? I think we should add Hornings in place of Keizer, last time i went out there it was a complete jungle.
                  Pardon the thread drift, but I keep reading about how unplayable Keizer Rapids is.

                  1: I played there, and thought it was a good course, with good potential. It needed tee pads and signage. The shots are fun, and the golf is interesting. Yes, the rough was thick, and yes, I lost a disc, and yes, I had spotters, but it's just a piece of plastic. Think how many discs were lost at Trojan last weekend alone? Yes, if you are afraid of losing a disc, don't go to Trojan, and maybe not Keizer. I lost an ace disc, but it was my own fault for throwing it on a hole I had never played before. Heck, I lost a first run circle stamp Champ Gator AND a CE Leopard on a recent road trip; that's just life on the disc golf course. We get over it, and we move on. Get out there and play!

                  2: If the rough is thick at Keizer Rapids, LET'S FIX IT! Sounds like some work parties are in order. Need more manpower? Reach out to clubs like Albany, Willamette, Eugene, Stumptown, DGOD, Depot, etc.. What if you had a work party and invited all those clubs? How many people would show up? How much work could be done?

                  OK, return to your thread. I'll repost this under the course thread.
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                    I agree 100% I think its got the most potential of any salem area course I just thinking that in its current state its not the best place to have a series event with lots of inexperienced players. I would love to help get it into good shape considering its maybe 3 miles from my work.


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                      you might get quite a few more players if you schedule the events on weekends without team disc golf. Just a thought.
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                        I'm in! I'm not likable enough to be on a team......looks like you bad aces are gonna have to put up with me. and i overheard jesse has a #1 bag tag??.....i like to take things from jesse......i'm in! cheers for running the series


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                          Final Schedule and details!!!

                          Okay so we have had some changes and additions. It is looking like we are definatley going to be growing this year, the growth is welcomed and I can't wait to give out Hundreds of Dollars in Cash! Not to mention some very sick trophies including the travelling First Place trophy!

                          9 single day 2 round events, 18 holes a round in some cases 3 rounds of 12. Handicapped. You earn one point for every person you beat after handicaps are factored, including one point for each person who did not show up. Your best 5 day cumaltive scores are added up and at the end of 9 events the most points wins all cash payout. Historically paid to top 5, depending on # of participants may pay out past 5th place this year!!!

                          Handicap Formula = (Previous Handicap) + (Current round strokes minus par) + (Total strokes by all participants for current round divided by # of participants) all divided by 3.

                          Entry Fee: $25 per person ($20 to end of series Cash payout. $3.50 to bag tags. $1.50 to CTP's.) Must pay at Registration - No IOU's, Pay entire $25 at first event you come to.

                          Optional Entry Fees:
                          $2 ace pot ($1 per round)
                          $5 raw score entry winner of each day takes all (No handicap)

                          Bag Tags:
                          We are reinstating bag tags this year. There was little participation and many lost tags last time we did this and I am implementing some very strictly enforced rules this year to ensure Bag Tag participation. I personally am providing $50 to the bag tag in an effort to redirect the monies from the failed bag tag two years ago. At the end of the first event you will recieve your bag tags based on your play. If you do not bring your bag tag or forget to turn it in, it will be voided and you will start fresh. No excuses! Bag tags will pay out to the top 35%. The bag tags will be collected prior to the last event at registration and that will be the payout order. You must turn in your bag tag at every event and bag tag play outside of the series is encouraged. If you challenge someone outside of the series and they do not have their bag tag you will automatically earn thier bag tag and they will recieve the higher number. They are bag tags people! Put them on your bag and stop losing them. I will make them high quality and durable so use them!!!

                          Schedule: Registration @ 8:30 players meeting 9:30 Tee off at 10:00 AM SHARP! You can play a half day and earn points. Best 5 scores count out of 9 possible scores. (I repeat, you only need to maek 5 events) Mostly every other week but a couple back to back weeks around the holidays.

                          November 12th - Cascade Gateway (Salem near airport)
                          Novemeber 26th - Carlton (New 9 hole course near McMinnville)
                          December 10th - Newberg Circuit (Champoeg 15, Hoover 9, Ewing young 12)
                          December 17th- Hornings Hideout (Bring $3 to pay for day use)
                          December 31st - Adair Village (best course in the world)
                          January 7th - Camp Taololi (Stayton - Bring $3 to pay for day use)
                          January 21st - Woodmansee (South Salem)
                          February 4th - Amity (Dave Heiders private course, the epitomy of BAD ACE)
                          February 18th - Wortman (McMinnville Awards/ Cash Payout, Ace Fund Throw Off)

                          Questions Comments Concerns - 503-983-8818 (text messages get a response!) or pm or message me or reply on any of these forums. Cant wait!
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