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    I have the feeling the Shelton Springs ace pot will occasionally grow to large numbers. The island hole (12?) is the likely suspect to take the pot, but there aren't too many other pure ace runs.

    Have you guys considered the possibility of handing out half the pot to a team that manages to deuce (fairway ace) one of the higher par holes?

    I dig the raffle, and the possibility of the picked ticket having not paid in.

    "Oh, way to go, Johnny. Couldn't be bothered to bring one more measly dollar for the acepot, huh? Well then NO ONE wins a disc! Who feels like an ass? That's right, Johnny does."

    edit: you're right, Morgan, the playing card scheme can turn into a serious cluster f. if done improperly. I seem to remember a Lakewood dubs when we dealt out the cards 3 times before getting it right. Poor Matt Gill, that must have been stressful.
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      So what is the Ace pot up to? Anyone hit it yet?
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        will the doubles be going on this wed? (because its 4th of July holiday)


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          Originally posted by KG_MCDGC View Post
          04-19 Players 02-09 Teams -Top Team $10-48
          20-29 Players 10-15 Teams -2nd place Team $10, Top Team $40-63
          30-39 Players 15-20 Teams -3rd place Team $10, 2nd place Team $15, Top Team $50-70
          40-49 Players 20-25 Teams -3rd place Team $15, 2nd place Team $20, Top Team $65-88
          50-72 Players 25-36 Teams - 3rd place Team $20, 2nd place Team $25, Top Team $80-135
          I hope you don't mind if I suggest a different payout plan based on some observations of things that could be improved.

          Currently, with 4 players, the winners would get $10, exactly what they paid in. A little odd that with only 4 players, no one can actually win any money. Of course, I doubt doubles is rarely played with only four people out there. I would suggest making it $15 to the winners when there is 4 players or 6 players (already the plan for 6 players).

          With 19 players, the winners get $48, but with 20 players, the winners get only $40. This is carried along at the other transition levels. At 29 players, the winners get $63, but at 30 they get only $50, and so on with $70/$65 and $88/$80. I've never seen a payout plan like this where the winners get less money when the number of players goes up.

          I think the reason this is happening is because the winners are getting paid too much at the high end of each participation range. In other words, I would recommend decreasing the winner's payout at 19, 29, 39, & 49 participant levels, not increasing the payout at 20, 30, 40, & 50.

          Here's an example of what I think could work better. It incorporates another principle I prefer, which is last to cash always getting at least their $ back:

          # teams, $ towards payout, 1st, 2nd, etc...
          2, 15, 15
          3, 15, 15
          4, 20, 20
          5, 25, 25
          6, 35, 25, 10
          7, 40, 30, 10
          8, 45, 30, 15
          9, 50, 35, 15
          10, 55, 40, 15
          11, 65, 40, 15, 10
          12, 70, 40, 20, 10
          13, 75, 45, 20, 10


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